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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Happs

I'm back into sourdough bread again.  The friend who introduced me to sourdough vacationed in California for two weeks.  My cousin house sat for them and watched their dog; I babysat the sourdough.  Because I HAD to take care of it for someone else's sake, I did a good job.  It was during my "busy time" (see any of my last couple posts) so I didn't have time to make anything.  I just fed the starter and kept it going.  It ended up getting so enormous that it busted open the lid of the container.  I realized at that time that I needed to remove some for myself and keep it.  Since then, I've made bread twice and sourdough cinnamon rolls once (yesterday for Hubby's birthday).  I've decided I must keep doing this...it's simply amazing!  I eat sourdough toast for breakfast each morning and love it so much!  This starter is much thicker than those I've dealt with in the past.  It just amazes me that bread can rise like that without any yeast in it!


I'm really having  a difficult time with the templates here on Blogger.  It won't let me do anything I want, hence the very boring look right now.  I just couldn't take the snowy theme any longer...not when it's in the 90s around here!  Whenever I try to add a photo for the background, it automatically tiles it.  When I deselect the tile option, it makes my photo the size of a thumbnail.  See, you might be able to find it up there in the corner.  I just gave up one day and left it.  Grrr....


Baby Girl is watching Annie today, which makes me very happy.  My little brother and I had that movie recorded off of TV when we were little and watched the VHS tape all the time.  I still have all the songs and many of the lines memorized.  It brings back lots of memories of my childhood with my brother.


I've had a couple photo shoots lately and have bookings for two more!  I still underestimate myself and worry that I'm just not as good as I think I am.  It stresses me out that the client won't be happy with the photos they paid good money for.  I feel like doing it for free for everyone because I'm not worthy to charge money.  THEN, I see a Senior picture sent to me from an expensive local studio.  They cut off the girl's feet!  It's a lovely picture of her leaning up against a wall and half of her feet are cut off!  Things like that really boost my confidence, as I know they paid multiple hundreds of dollars for those photos!

A friend of mine went to the same studio and just wasn't satisfied with her pictures.  She said they came out nice but were exactly the same as everyone else's.  That's the problem you experience when dealing with a studio.  They only have a handful of ideas.  I'll do anything.  The girl asked me if I would take some more shots that were creative. Here are a couple examples:

She definitely considered them to be creative and loved them!  (Do you kind of think she looks like a ghost in the right photo?  Ha ha!  She actually has this set as her Facebook profile pic.)
I also took my cousin's engagement pictures!  I was so excited about that...they were my very first engagement pics!  She was thrilled and I was happy with them.  I took over 500 shots that day (because of another assignment at church) and my thighs were killing me the next day from squatting so much!  I'm ridiculously out of shape!
Which brings me to the fact that I've really procrastinated training for my marathon!  Turns out, the marathon is bright and early the morning after my cousin's evening wedding.  Lovely.  I ran a mile Tuesday and punked out.  I've got to get my big, flabby rear in gear soon! 
I have been biking some.  Hubby bought me a bike for my birthday (which isn't until this Saturday) and I've been enjoying it. I think I was 14 or 15 the last time I got a bike!

I'm cleaning out closets, basements, bedrooms, and every nook & cranny in this house.  Yard sale fever has hit me!  I'm sick of all this junk I've been hanging onto.  It's come down to the point of calling the show Hoarders or selling my stuff in a yard sale.  It will probably take me until the end of summer to get it all together but I will feel so great afterward!  Now I just worry about having a yard big enough!  The amount of stuffed animals alone is enough to make me shake my head.  


Erica said...

Totally had Annie recorded off TV. Watched it a million times. Love.

Jo said...

Those are great pictures.

PS. stop being so hard on yourself, you should get paid for your work

Anonymous said...

Do you want to share the sourdough recipe? Please? Glad to see you are back to blogging.