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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Quizzed Out

Every time I try to be a better blogger, something always comes up.  I was looking forward to the lazy days of summer, but they haven't arrived yet.

Big Sis has chosen to be a star Bible Quizzer this year.  I am one of her coaches.  She accepted the challenge and found out she's very good at it.  Her big brothers have chosen to show up to practice and not study.  They are horrible and can't stand that she can whip their tails.  The end of the quizzing season was quickly approaching and she was getting very close to learning every single verse of required material.  When I say she's learning verses, I don't just mean she's familiar with them.  She can quote, word for word, the verse from the King James Version of the Bible, Biblical reference included.  She's amazing.  I never realized that an 8-year-old brain could hold so much information.  I was a Bible Quizzer in my teen years, but I never accomplished what she did this year.  She finally memorized all the material- 191 selected verses from the book of Psalms!  She's my hero.

Not only has she learned these verses, she can answer nit-picky questions about them.  Things like- quote the only verse of study that contains the word "fire."  If you answer 6 questions correctly in a quiz (out of 15), you quiz out.  It's her goal for every quiz.  She stands, everyone claps for her, and she's awarded 10 bonus points.  She smiles that huge smile that causes her to lose her eyes.

State Finals were over the weekend.  It was a 2-day trip an hour and a half away.  They lost their first quiz against the team that ended up winning first, yet she managed to earn the second highest scorer.  They won the next two, which Big Sis quizzed out of.  She was the highest scorer of both of those quizzes.  Their final quiz was lost to the team that took second.  She handled it with the utmost dignity and grace.  She shook hands with the winners, congratulated them, and smiled that sweet smile of hers.  They placed 5th in the state, which is about in the middle.  We didn't expect to win or advance to Nationals.  This is only the second year for our church to have a team, so my expectations were totally exceeded!

She finished as the 3rd highest scorer of the day, which was 1st on the All Tournament Team.  She has another trophy.  She got 2 blue ribbons, 1 red, and a medal for being part of the 100% club!

Seeing her score goals in soccer, get straight As in school, be at the top of the cheerleading pyramid, or have a solo in the choir could never provide me with the sense of pride that being a star Bible Quizzer does.  I could not be more proud and needed to do a little bragging!

Bible Quizzing is over for the year -- let the lazy days of summer commence!


Mimsie said...

That is a great accomplishment! You can be very proud of her--and she will remember that you coached and encouraged her.

Linda said...

Very impressive. And, as we know, those Words of Wisdom will be with her for the rest of her life.

I can remember the essence of the Scriptures, but I'm lucky if I can memorize one whole sentence word for word. Good for her!!

The Lovely One said...

That's so awesome! I'm still thinking about memorizing the 191 verses! Amazing!