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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Life Updates

It seems like my blog has turned into more of a monthly synopsis of everything that's been happening lately rather than a daily update.  No, I'm not OK with that, but I guess that's the way it's gotta be for now.

Last week was rather crazy.  It started off with a doctor appointment and minor procedure for me and Destination Imagination for Son #2.  That left me feeling crappy for the rest of the day with a bit of recovering.  Tuesday was Son #1's first philharmonic rehearsal and parent meeting.  His skill has really improved over the last two years because he said the music was too easy for him.  He's just not quite up to symphony level yet.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday consisted of a kids' revival at church.  I am so glad for the emphasis our church puts on the children, but the whiner in me was not happy about having to attend three nights in a row.  It turned out to be very nice and the kids had a great time.  Wednesday also had another meeting; Friday was a belated birthday lunch with a friend and last-minute engagement photo shoot. Saturday was packed full with errands that had been put off for far too long.  I hate those kinds of weeks.

On a positive note, autumn here is the prettiest it's been in a couple years.  I'm really enjoying it.  It's about over now, but I feel like I've soaked in as much beautiful color as possible.  The photo of the tree above was taken on my shoot last week.  I may frame it.

Remember my trip to New York?  I took some awesome shots that I can't wait to frame.  I've done nothing to make that happen.  I need to buy some serious frames, but I'm way to cheap to do so.  I actually still have one of those prepaid Visa cards that someone gave me as a gift.  I need to just take the plunge and spend a couple hundred dollars on nice frames.  Maybe my next day off will involve a trip to Hobby Lobby.  (Who loves that place???)

This week is almost as busy as last week, yet I'm neglecting my filthy house for some relaxing blog time.  It's that part of my month where I just want to sit here and complain.  I know you all feel my pain.  I had crazy grocery shopping Monday, yet I saved some serious money with coupons!  Three kids had dentist appointments and the day ended with some complaining about the ridiculous darkness, Destination Imagination, and my bi-weekly youth group meeting.  Yesterday was a tile cleaning job and babysitting two of my cousins.  Their mom and dad just sold their house and have to already be out Friday.  So I'm telling myself that things could be much crazier!

The craziest part right now is some minor health issues I'm facing.  Most of it's womanly and I know you don't want to hear about that.  But in case you do, I'll speak vaguely.  My least favorite Aunt Flo starts her visit lightly and early each time.  She hangs around for far too long, which my doctor says is not a good thing.  We need breaks from those annoying aunts, don't we?  Her intensity has caused me to become anemic, requiring high doses of iron.  By the time she finally packs up and leaves, I only get two weeks or less before she returns again.  Last week after my procedure, I had some extra Aunt Flo time.  Her visit took me right into the effects of the procedure.  Then, she decided to show up early again.  So, I've been "with her" for about a month straight.  It's getting old, people.  I have a more serious procedure coming up soon, though it's yet to be scheduled.  This procedure should hopefully stop all future visits from this unwanted visitor.  I'm hoping and praying that's the case.  My four C-Sections could pose a problem, so I'm hoping all goes well.  Hopefully they'll call soon with an appointment.

I have my appointment with the endocrinologist in a couple weeks.  I can already tell this office is going to be difficult to work with.  This doctor has great reviews.  Why does it always seem that the best doctors have the worst office staff?  The quack down the street has the greatest office staff, even though the doctor doesn't seem competent enough to diagnose a cold.  That's how it goes, I guess.

I've goofed off long enough today.

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Amanda :: Grace & Gusto said...

Eek, woman issues are tough. I feel your pain! Keeping you in prayer!

That photo is stunning!! You are very talented. :-)