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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Random February Thoughts

Son #1's most recent concert
Presently, I am sitting at Son #1’s orchestra rehearsal.  This has become a place of escape for me.  Now that Hubby is getting home from work earlier, I get to come alone.  There is nothing quite like sitting without kids for an hour and a half, listening to beautiful music.  For free.  No distractions.  I bring my Diet Coke and a snack and thoroughly enjoy myself.  Today, I was planning on being a good girl and working on my coupons and shopping list for next week.  However, the orchestra is rehearsing in the band room instead of in the auditorium, which another group is occupying.  So, all the parents are hanging out in the single classroom available to us.  It’s far too crowded to get out all my coupon inserts, binder, and scissors.  Plus, I forgot to bring a plastic bag for trash.  The parents whisper in a polite manner, but the various noises are a bit too distracting to read.  I’m currently one-third of the way through Pride & Prejudice and it takes a bit of special concentration on my part to comprehend the old wording.  I’m used to more shallow, easier to read literature.  P&P has been quite a treat for my mind.  :)  Since I have my laptop with me, I thought I’d jot down a few lines to catch you up on where I am in life.

My grandpa arrived home from the hospital this afternoon following a 2-day stay.  They determined that he had a small stroke 4 or 5 days prior.  Luckily, it didn’t do much damage and I think he’ll recover fine.  Some diet alterations and medication should do the trick.

I’m looking fervently for gray heels for the wedding I’m in next month.  One major problem is that I’m quite cheap, which you all know.  Most everything I find that I love is Christian Louboutin.  Yeah, that’s not gonna work.  I’m prepared to pay no more than $30.  DSW had one pair of gray heels.  No, not one style.  One pair.  Size 8 1/2.  No good.

I’m really enjoying browsing Pinterest for shower and wedding ideas.  Man, everyone who got married before Pinterest should get a wedding re-do!  I would really enjoy planning my own wedding with the resources available in this day and age.  Actually, I would probably waste an awful lot of time staring at a glowing screen if I was getting married.

Yep, he has a beard right now.
Speaking of married, I got into a whopper of a fight with Hubby last night.  Truthfully, I think he’s going through a bit of a depression.  He’s working considerably less hours, which is something he claims to be excited about.  But as my mom always says, my husband has two speeds – High and Off.  He has to be doing something.  I think he’s getting bored and he doesn’t know how to handle his extra time.  When it was nice out, he was mowing and working outside constantly.  He’s not handling being cooped up well.  He enjoyed tinkering around the house at first also, but that has worn off.  He’s not really very handy, so he will only fix what’s causing a problem.  He’s not the kind of guy to look around for things to improve.  I wish he could find a hobby, something useful to occupy his time, and be a happier person.

That draggy, mopey feeling has worn off of me too.  Mid-afternoon, there is nothing I crave more than a nap under all the covers.  That’s a horrible habit to start.  I have tons that needs done, yet I have a hard time making myself do it.  I think I’m jealous of his free time, the time he spends on the internet or in front of the TV.  I have to fight to overcome that desire to be lazy.  It’s way too tempting.  I guess it boils down to the Winter Blahs.  Unfortunately, there’s lots of winter left to go.  Oh joy.

My family’s food pickiness is getting no better, which is another thing frustrating me.  Anyone want to Wife Swap for a while?  Preferably a mom who makes her kids eat fresh veggies every meal.  Maybe my family would learn to appreciate me more afterward.

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know about my annual May Banquet.  Thankfully, I just secured a venue for this year.  It’s a beautiful, CLOSE restaurant that we used to utilize often many years ago.  Something happened, no one can remember what, and we quit patronizing them.  My mom and I had lunch there last week and it was awesome.  The prices are about the same as the delicious, but rude restaurant we used for about 15 years.  Last year, because we were mad at them, we hosted the Banquet at our church.  Two words – NEVER AGAIN.  The best part is, while I started questioning the banquet coordinator about all the things the picky restaurant is difficult about, she didn’t have a strong opinion.  She is going to be so much easier to work with and I’ll save 25 minutes (each way) on the drive.  Looks like a win-win situation for me!  Let’s hope!

All that said, I still don’t have a theme or many thoughts about what I’m going to do.  Any suggestions?  I was thinking maybe something along the lines of Downton Abbey or the Great Gatsby.  That time period is so popular right now (even though I’ve never seen the show or movie associated with the aforementioned), and I think it will be fun.  Maybe focus on 100 years ago…calling it 1914 or something. Can I make it funny?  I guess I could do a spoof on today’s technology and say how easy life would be if you could telephone someone while on a carriage journey.  Who knows.  Some previous themes have been Peculiar Princesses, From Paris with Love, The Wild West, and Under the Sea.  One more side note- this is a production put on by a group of teenage girls.  I write, produce, and direct it.  Then I need a vacation.

I’m sure I’ve babbled long enough at this point.  My new version of Word just informed me that I reached 1000 words at this point.  Thanks, Microsoft.  I knew I was wordy…you didn’t have to call me out on it.  I just have a lot to say, hence the blog about nothing. 

Brotherly Love
And now, noticing that I have no internet connection (thank you old public school building), who knows when this will actually get posted.  Also, I have to look around for some sort of photo to accompany my wordy thoughts so it’s not too boring.  Still enjoying my Me Time though (even though I hate that term)!  Hope you all have a fabulous day and that it’s not as cold wherever you may be as it is here.  Thank the Lord for warm, snuggly sweaters.  


Lisa (aka Mollie's mom) said...

You can watch episodes of Downton Abbey on PBS.org. Have you ever thought about assigning your picky eaters a night that they must plan a meal with rules like you can't do pizza, hamburgers or tacos and must include a meat, 2 vegetables and a complex carbohydrate?

The Lovely One said...

I need more info about your grey heel search. I found a lot of super cute shoes online, but I don't know what style you're going for. You should post a pic of a pair you love, and your readers can try to find a similar shoe for a better price.

I would love to wife swap! My kids eat their vegetables-- is your house clean all the time? I can't seem to figure that part out!