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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's a Random Kind of Day

Funny I just mentioned to you about putting away the winter coats and getting them back out again.  Over the weekend, I wore mine to an outdoor graduation party.  I may have looked quite geeky, but I was the only warm one there.  On Monday, I donned my winter gloves for a Memorial Day bike ride.  Crazy weather!  Yesterday, it hit 80.


I am quite smitten by Crystal Light Raspberry Ice.  These skinny little packets can go anywhere with you and the final product is something highly to be desired...much like a grown up's Kool Aid.  The strawberry lemonade drops aren't too bad either.  It's definitely a healthy break from all the Diet Coke I've been drinking, trying to get rid of daily headaches. I think I actually need a new pillow.

The house across the street lost its renters, so it's getting that abandoned haunted house look.  When the grass hit a foot high, Hubby called the number on the rental sign and complained.  He explained that he mows grass for apartment complexes and would be happy to mow the yard, for a price.  They readily accepted.  So now, once a week, Hubby drives his little mower across the street, spends an hour or so there, and makes 50 bucks!  (The first time, he charged $80!)  He and Son #1 make about $400 a month mowing properties on Saturdays.  They're home by noon and he's banking all the money in savings.  There may be a pinhole of light at the end of our tunnel that we might get to build a home at some point in the future.  We're trying to save for that highly anticipated day.


My little cousin graduated over the weekend, Magna Cum Laude!  For his gift, I donated the photo booth for his party.  I set the booth up on their deck, against the house, and went home to get ready for the party.  I returned after 40 minutes or so and all was well.  Someone asked me to make a sign labeling the iced tea, so I turned by back for a moment.  Suddenly, a huge gust of wind knocked over the entire booth!  It fell toward me and I tried to catch it.  I can't remember if I heard it coming down, felt it, or what.  I just remember shouting, "I need some help!  I need some help!"  I had just been talking to Big Sis, but didn't realize she was still there.  Someone asked where she was and I tried looking around, still attempting to get the booth back up.  The booth fell against a picnic table, which stopped its fall.  Lucky for her, because she would have been the object stopping its fall.  She kind of fell down underneath the table and was fine.  The booth, however, did not fare quite as well.  I never did get it back up running.  So, my gift was a flop and my booth is broken.  I still cannot figure out how the wind could knock down something that heavy.  I can only lift two out of the three boxes that house the equipment.  So to think that the wind could knock over all three....it's amazing.


Our birthdays are coming up.  Hubby celebrates his on Thursday and mine is Sunday.  Big Sis has a tournament on Saturday, but I said I could not attend this month.  I was proud of myself for taking some personal time.  We're hoping to go on a really long bike ride, assuming the weather cooperates.  Riding is our new jam.  Maybe I'll get skinny from all this biking.


I really want to go to New York.  We actually found flights for $59, but they were Tuesday & Wednesday only.  Hubby has a hard time getting off work, so we were hoping to go over a weekend.  Unfortunately, they charge soooo much more to fly Fridays & Sundays.  Boo.  I would like to take my good camera and get some some unique architectural shots to frame for Son #1's room.


What totally random thing is going on in your life right now?


Jo said...

Wow luckily big sis didn't get hit by the booth, but I'm sorry to hear it is broken.

Yeah to cost of flights is the crazy...

Our lawn needs mowing so badly, but it has been raining for weeks on end now so it is just growing and growing. Hopefully it should be dry next week so we can mow it, before the lions move in.

Mimsie said...

I am SO glad you are back! I always enjoy hearing what is going on in your busy life. Our random happenings are going to a wedding in Virginia, and from there going to Nags Head for a couple of days. Any vacation near the ocean is the best. Now home again and looking at the garden, scratching my head about where to start.

The Lovely One said...

Happy birthday! Hope you're having a wonderful birthday weekend!

Stephanie said...

Love the random!
I can'r believe that photo booth blew over like that. And $59 for a flight to NYC oh such a deal!

Stephanie said...

Just popping by to say Hello! Hope all is well :)