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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just MIA, not DOA

Wow, it's been a long time that I've been MIA!  I sincerely apologize for that.  Every year in the Spring, my blog gets neglected.  Fortunately, the craziest part of my year is finally over!  It was a busier "crazy" than usual and I made some decisions so that it will never get that bad again.

Let's see, where do I start to fill you in on Life?  I put away our winter coats.  Then, I got them back out.  I put them away again, and got them back out.  It's been a fickle Spring.  Lately, we've been in the 80s, but tomorrow is supposed to cool down again.

Son #1 turned 14 and #2 turned 12.  Yikes!  For some reason, I always pictured myself being a mom of these little kids.  I never really expected them to grow up.  I'm too young for that.

The photo booth was very slow, which I was extremely thankful for.  I couldn't have handled that on top of everything else.  It's picking up now with wedding season, graduation time, and end of the school year events.  I still love it.

Hubby & I celebrated 17 years of marriage, actually ON a photo booth job.  I was pretty bummed about that, as my hired help fell through, but that's life.  There are way worse things to complain about.

We chose an alternate anniversary and went on a long bike ride, just the two of us.  We rode to the nearest big city's downtown, found some foul baseballs outside the stadium, ate a slice, and just thoroughly enjoyed the weather and each other.

Our children's department at church recorded our second curriculum DVD.  My aunt writes and directs it, and all the kids star in it.  I have made friends with the videographer we have used over the past few years.  His assistant wasn't available the second day of recording, so he was going to set the second camera on a tripod.   When I arrived and asked if anything needed done, he asked me to help film!  It was very fun for me, even though video is not my forte.  I hope I gave him some useful footage, but mostly, I really enjoyed the $5K camera I held in my hands!

I've had quite a few photo shoots lately too.  I've got Seniors for next year coming up, as well as several families.

Most importantly- my big event was successful!  We decided to host our annual banquet at the church this year, rather than going to the big restaurant that keeps raising its prices.  People thought that was awesome.  I highly underestimated the amount of work that switch would involve.  Our theme was Peculiar Princesses, and the script I wrote was my best ever.  Each of the girls in my youth group picked their character, a princess with a unique character flaw.  Then I wrote the script based on their personality and ability.  We had the close talking princess, the body odor princess, and the sings everything princess.  It was quite funny.  It turned out, I subconsciously stole a few things from the princess cartoon Baby Girl watches, and didn't even realize.  Oops!  We had 210 in attendance, our highest since I've been involved.

On Mother's Day, our church showed a video of some of our children being interviewed.  One was my son (#2).  The question was, "What makes your mom powerful?"  He answered that I'm powerful because I'm going to run a half marathon!  Yikes!  I'm feeling so unprepared at this point, and he decided to announce it to the entire church!  Guess I'm committed for sure now!  My Nike app said I hadn't run in 28 days.  Boo!  I made it 2 1/2 miles with just a tad of intermittent walking.  Fortunately, I wasn't too sore afterward.  I think those 12 mile bike rides are helping out too.

That's probably enough info to keep you entertained for now.  I'll be back to chat later.  Missed you all!



Mimsie said...

Welcome back! It's always nice to hear what is going on in your busy world.

Linda said...

Good to see that you're back. I figured you were "absent" because of your busy life. Also good to see that you're getting photo business. Your life makes me feel tired but I remember the days when I was equally as busy...

Enjoy your holiday weekend.

The Lovely One said...

Why hello, stranger! You've been quite busy. Good to see you back!