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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Questions of Life

Question - If I just stop yelling at the kids to quit fighting, will they eventually kill one another?

Question - When I'm at a green light and I hesitate because a truck in the cross traffic appears that he's going to run the light, and then he does, why does he give me a dirty look?

Question - On the same note, when I am the first to a 4-way stop and the guy to my right looks like he's going to blow the stop sign, but eventually stops, why does he get mad at me when I go first?

Question - When I spend the day baking for a bake sale, to make $35 minus expenses, and am left with a gigantic mess that takes me more than a day to clean up, is it worth it?

Question - If I'm running three times a week and eating the same amount of food, shouldn't I be losing weight?

Question - What is the big excitement with teenagers to stay up all night long?

Question - Why do people who live in the same house publicly Facebook one another things like, "Call me?"
Question - If my house was twice the size it is now, would it still be packed to the brim with all our junk?

Question - Is there any hope for this country with people being forced into early retirement, the cost of insurance skyrocketing, the cost of groceries going up, school levies failing, more people on welfare than ever before, celebrities continuing to overdose, children and women being kidnapped, internet scams, such a decrease of common courtesy, identity theft, and privacy invasion?  Sorry, things got a little deep there for a minute.

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Lisa said...

Answer: If you stop yelling at your kids to stop fighting, they will learn that you aren't going to mediate and learn to work things out amoung themselves.

Answer: It is always better to err on the side of caution in traffic. Ignore them.

Answer: He doesn't understand 4 way stops.

Answer: It is only worth is if you enjoyed baking and feel as if your contribution mattered.

Answer: Sorry, but as you progress out of youth you lose muscle mass and metabolism slows. There is nothing you can do to change that. You can only increse your effort...Sorry, no one understands how much this sucks more than I do.

Answer: Their circadian rhythym changes as their hormone levels do. It is also the first real rebellion to parental control.

Answer: I have no answer to this. I IM with the cube neighbor on the other side of the wall. It makes no sense at all.

Answer: Your kids would find a way to fill every nook and cranny, even if you lived in a palace.

Answer: 2nd law of thermodynamics- things left to themselves tend toward random and decay. It would take a whole lot of effort to fix the world. It is easier to stand around Washington and bicker.