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Friday, February 20, 2015

Instagrammin' It

Here's the third and final draft that I wrote and never posted.  Things that were happening in my life last year...

Snow.  This is right out the window where my desk is.  Sometimes it's hard to work with scenery like this!

Being silly with Hubby. I actually posted this on Instagram for Valentine's Day when everyone else was posting their sappy, romantic photos of red roses and filet mignon.  I'd take this kind of a Valentine any day over one who takes me out for $200 meals!  (Thanks to the kids for the fabulous photography work!)

Sisters.  I walked into their room to check on them and this is how they were sleeping!  I absolutely love that!  (Yes, we actually have bedding that matches...I don't know exactly what was going on here.)

A sweet text from a very dear, older friend.  I greatly admire her and hope I can be like her some day.  I'm glad I saved this photo.

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