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Monday, February 23, 2015

Potty Mouth

I feel like my blog is a bit of a complaining platform.  I hate that.  I apologize for that.  However, I feel like complaining here to the wide open world helps me handle life a little better.

Remember when I talked about the horrible sewer/plumbing situations we experienced a year ago?  Certainly you should because I just managed to hit "publish" a few days ago.  Almost exactly a year ago, we forked out $9,000 to repair indoor/outdoor plumbing issues.  Actually, we didn't fork it out because we didn't have it.  We borrowed it and still have not paid it off.  It's a constant thought in my mind....I HATE being in debt.

Anyway, we've been having more plumbing issues.  These issues involve the downstairs half bath.  The toilet has given us trouble for a while now and has been totally unusable for the past two weeks or so.  Do this math, please:  we have six people in this house and one working toilet.  Yeah, it's not pretty.  If it wasn't so snowy and freezing here, I would make the fellas relieve themselves outside.

Saturday, Hubby called the plumber to come take a look at our situation.  They said they would make us the last call of the day or be there Sunday morning from 9-11.  Well, they didn't show Saturday.  That meant Hubby had to miss church.  We don't miss church.  It's just how we are.  I drag myself (and the kids) to service even when we're sick.  It's mostly because I have a zillion jobs in the church and am always needed.  Going to church sick is easier than trying to find someone to take my place.  My parents raised me that way and it's in my blood.  So, Hubby missed church.  They didn't show again.  At 11:00, he called.  They said our appointment time was 11-4.  No....that's not what you said on the phone.  Oh well....we can deal with that.  At 4:00, they called and said they were running late.  Hubby had now missed church, the family dinner at Grandpa's house, and his coveted Sunday nap.  Irritating.  We also have service on Sunday nights.  I had to be there early for choir practice so the kids and I headed out, leaving Hubby at home.  Again.  They finally showed up at 6:45.  When I got home from church, they were still there, problem unresolved.  They scheduled to come back today between 10 & 11.

They actually arrived within that window, this time bringing more skilled equipment.  They sent a camera down my toilet hole (I say hole because the toilet was sitting in my living room).  They determined that the problem was under the bathroom floor.  They announced they were going to have to rip up the bathroom floor, replace the pipe, and tap it into the sewer that they fixed last year.  The damage?  $5500!!!!  My jaw nearly hit the floor and I had to fight to keep from crying.  I told them no way.  They discussed financing options with me, asked if I could borrow from my dad, and got a little too personal for my liking.  I simply said, "Dude, we don't have it.  We haven't paid off the last project yet and cannot finance any more."  They came down in price, which still didn't help.

So, to jump ahead....they packed up and left, doing nothing.  I paid $400 for nothing.  I cried.  We're struggling to make ends meet and we need to spend $14,000 on PLUMBING!!!!!  We're going to have to make things work with only one toilet from now on.  Someday, we'll be able to fix it, but that day is not today.

Then Hubby called me.  He got his shoulder x-rayed, which he injured last week playing basketball.  He's a great athlete but doesn't seem to understand that at age 40, he can't play with the same intensity he once could.  His shoulder isn't broken but extremely messed up.  They referred him to an orthopedic surgeon.  That was just the cherry on top of a bad day.  It's more than I can handle.  How can we survive if he needs surgery and is off work for six months?  I cried again.

That's all.  That's all I have to say today.  Like I said, I hate complaining.  But it's all I got right now.  (Excuse my bad grammar.)

I must move on.  I have a youth group meeting tonight and no plans.  Plus, I have a stress headache and I really need to use the bathroom.  Guess I'll trek all the way upstairs so I can "go."  Today's deep thoughts:  treasure your toilet.


Mimsie said...

I'm so sorry you are going through this. Hope you find the means to get the problem fixed once and for all.

chris said...

oh, so sorry this is such a source of stress! it sounds like you need to prioritize - and you know what's (and who's!) most important. the rest will work itself out. have faith.

Mimsie said...

How are the plumbing issues? Hope everything is getting solved and that you are having a nice spring!