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Friday, June 12, 2015

Being Me

School is out, clubs are over, there are no band concerts, parent meetings, or orchestra rehearsals for a couple more months.  I am ready to take a break from daily checking my kids' grades online, nagging them to finish homework and projects, and chauffeuring them to their daily activities.  I am ready to get back to being me.
My goal this summer was to chillax.  (OK, how weird is it that spellcheck didn't highlight the word "chillax?")  I wanted to read, keep a clean house, hang out with the kids, and recharge to get ready to do it all over again.  Unfortunately, a lot of stuff has come up that has prevented all this from happening.  I have plenty of material for many future blog posts. 

Some updates:  Hubby just informed me that we are about halfway done paying off our huge sewer bill!  I know it's taken an extremely long time, but I am so excited about that!

Son #1 is carrying a 3.7 in high school and was just accepted to take college classes next year as a Junior!  You guys don't know how huge that is for me!!!  We are struggling financially right now and that is a huge blessing for us!  He's taking 6 credit hours in the fall and doesn't have to pay for books or parking!  He will take both of his classes right there in his high school and will get both high school and college credit!  If he continues taking 6 credit hours each semester, he'll graduate high school with 24 hours!  How all this came to pass is a long story...

Son #2 received a 4.0 for his 8th grade year!  Also, he got perfect attendance!  I was so proud, I may have done a little happy dance!  He has SO much potential!  If we can figure out how to motivate him and get him to use his full potential, he'll be unstoppable!  (He's a tad bit on the lazy side right now!)  He just joined the golf team for the high school (with a lot of prodding from me) and will be playing the trombone again.  He had another great accomplishment, which is yet another long story...

Big Sis successfully completed her difficult transition year into accelerated middle school with all As and Bs!  We worked really hard to make that happen, but I must confess that I didn't think it would.  Even Son #2 got one C in that class.  She was in Student Council last year and has joined Gardening Club, Band, and Yearbook Club for next year.  This is the kid that is going to wear me out with activities!  She's definitely the social butterfly of our clan.

Baby Girl has graduated Kindergarten!  She had a couple struggles and they said she's not quite up to par.  I'm not concerned, however, because I know she'll be fine.  It's mind blowing what they expect out of these kids who were just babies a year ago!  She's reading and doing simple math.  I think she's doing exactly what her siblings were doing at this age and they're all in honors and accelerated programs.  Surprisingly, she didn't get into any trouble in school!  I thought she'd be a little more "active" than she was.  She's a good girl.

I'm still keeping my weight off, for the most part.  I'd like to get another 5 back off.  Maybe 7.  :)  I'm trying to walk 3 miles every day.  Tuesday, I walked 6.  I bailed out today because of how hot and humid it was.  Hubby goes with me when he can, but that's another story...

So anyway- I'm still alive, I've not completely lost my mind yet, and I'm finding some time to read here and there.  (I'm reading The Help again because I enjoyed it so much the first time.  I need another really good book like that!)

I've lost touch with my contacts in the blogging world but I'm going to try hard to do more frequent updates this summer.  I need the therapeutic benefits from it for sure!  Hope you're having some fabulous weather that you can enjoy, wherever you are!


Kelley said...

What successes your children have enjoyed! I'm rejoicing with you! This is a memorable season of your lives! And you're soooo wise regarding your kindergartener. She has plenty of time to find her A-game, and she will!

Enjoy your summertime! It goes by so fast, doesn't it?!

I have taken off 13 or 14 pounds with the Paleolithic lifestyle. It's been eye-opening. Now I need diligence regarding 10,000 daily Fitbit Flex steps! With deputation, that's not the easiest thing to accomplish...

Hugs and happy highways,

Linda said...

Wow, so good to see you back. I was wondering what happened to you? Are you guys still doing the photo booth?

Your lives are still whirlwind for sure, so I hope you get the rest and respite you hope for this summer.