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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big Shoes to Fill

Baby girl is definitely that....a girl. She has a tremendous love of all things girly: purses, jewelry, and most of all shoes. Her Big Sis gets frustrated at times when she can't find the match to one of her shoes. We find them in the oddest of places and there's only one suspect. This was what I found beside me as I sat here blogging...the clump, clump, clump of her in my 3" wedge heels. I know my mind will return to this memory when she's wearing heels of her own some day and I'll wish I could return to this time when she was little and precious.


Theresa said...

You just brought back memories of my girls when they were little and precious! They still play with my shoes, but now they practically fit in them!

~she~ said...

That's what I'm NOT looking forward to! :)