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Friday, June 25, 2010

Your Baby Can Read

A friend of mine recently gave me a complete set of unopened Your Baby Can Read DVDs. I was so excited for the gift because I had seen the numerous infomercials and wondered what the program was truly like.

So we're still on the first DVD and I'm undecided. I wondered if Baby Girl might be a little too old for starting this program. It seems like it works better for younger babies. She doesn't exactly sit still for the entire show. But on the plus side, she has started saying more words like dog and elephant. She would just rather watch the oh-so-annoying Yo Gabba Gabba ("Go-Go" in her words).

It's hard to remember to put the DVD in twice a day but we're going to try to stick with it for now. I would love to hear any rants or raves about the product from others.

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Anonymous said...

we too have just started(actually just started as we speak!lol) but our little one is only 3 months so she doesnt really have much choice but to sit still and watch! :) lets see how it goes!