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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet and Garlic

The Baby Girl got into it again today....the Lazy Susan. It's her most favorite place in the world. And because of that, I have it blocked off with a baby gate. Somehow today, she got past the gate and entered into the world of fragrant spice jars, bags of sugar, and boxes of pasta. From the other room, I heard the sound of something small and granular hitting the wood floor. I sent the 9-year-old in the check on the strange sound. "Uh oh, Mom! She got into the sprinkles," was the response. No biggie, sprinkles are easy to sweep up. But I couldn't pinpoint the spicy smell filling the room.

I took Baby Girl up to her room to change her. When I opened her diaper, a strong smell of garlic permeated her room. I looked down and noticed she was covered in garlic powder. Even after a bath and a thick lather of Baby Magic, both she and her room still smell like an Italian restaurant. And I still have yet to locate the possibly empty jar of garlic powder. Maybe it will turn up with the stuffed pink puppy she lost a month ago.


Theresa said...

Very funny! When my youngest was small, I was on the computer and she came over to me and I smelled something funny. At first I couldn't figure out what it was and then I noticed she was eating something, I asked her to open her mouth and she was eating dog food!!!!!

~she~ said...

Oh yes. We've definitely had dog food eaters in this family. It totally grosses me out! I remember when my oldest got on his belly and drank out of the dog's water bowl at my friend's house. Yum.