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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

Yeah, it's one of those kind of days. So much to do...that freezing time super power would really come in handy right now. Although, I would probably just use it to take a nap.

With Son #1's birthday over the weekend, I really fell behind.  Plus, he needed Zimbabwean sweet potato cookies for school today (hence the mixing bowl in the foreground with remnants of orange goo everywhere...yes, I grated one pound of yams by hand).  My other grandma has been in the hospital for 9 days.  She's having exploratory surgery in a few minutes.  A dear cousin of mine is in ICU after suffering an extreme heart attack.  They almost lost him.  We've had two deaths in the church family this week, so this sink full of dishes is the least of my concerns.

To keep up the complaining rhythm, I got pretty frustrated at the grocery store this morning.  All the good cashiers were either off or on break so I had to get in Pat's line.  There's a reason I avoid Pat.  Today, she looked at and analyzed each coupon I used.  I'm not sure if my coupon usage was putting her out or if she simply didn't trust that I actually bought the items I had coupons for.  Either way, it really began to frustrate me. Plus, I had two people in line behind me who were growing impatient.  I almost turned around to apologize, but then realized I wasn't doing anything wrong.  It was the cashier who was being a feminine cleansing product.  (Sorry, still can't quite use that word.)  When one of my coupons didn't scan, she started digging through my bags, looking for the item.  She found it, then put it back.  Then, she went to her monitor and scrolled up and down the list for at least a full minute.  I couldn't quite understand the problem and I was feeling like I was being  put on trial.  I'm someone who shops at that store every week and have for years.  I'm not trying to misuse coupons for things I didn't purchase.  If I did try that, the coupons wouldn't scan.  Just scan them and move on, Pat!

Finally, I left the store, steam escaping my ears over one coupon that they wouldn't let me use.  But when I stepped outside to breathe the fresh, flower-scented, springtime air, I was immediately refreshed.  So, Monday can just bite my booty.  I'm moving on!  :)

What has defined your Monday so far today?

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Jo said...

What a horrible Monday - I don't think Blue describes it, more like puke green Monday!
I really hope that your gran is ok, and that your cousin is doing better.

O and Pat, well I hope she is much nicer next time you go to the store. Maybe you should kill her with kindness next time ... who knows she might just change.