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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


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{1} What is your favorite easter tradition?
With my grandma recently passing away, I'm reminded of the Easter gift hunt she did every year. She purchased the same number of presents for each grand kid and wrapped them all in different papers Sometimes my wrapping was comic paper, sometimes tissue paper. She hid the gifts around the house or yard and we all hunted for them. We knew that every year, one of our gifts would be a can of Pringles. That was the ultimate in Easter gifts!

{2} Tell us about your easter meal.
My aunt's ham, mom's noodles, grandpa's corn, my sweet potatoes, salad, bread, and my aunt's pies. All with sweet tea, of course.

{3} Do you decorate for easter?
I barely decorated for Christmas last year! Once upon a time, when I only had a couple kids...

{4} Your easter basket is not complete without....
Cadbury Eggs. There is no other Easter candy. Leave the jelly beans and Peeps at home, please.

{5} Are you getting an easter dress?
I bought a black jacket with white polka-dots from Forever 21. I will wear it with a skinny, red belt. I actually wore it to the wedding a couple weeks ago. That's cheating, I know!


Kenzie R. said...

I would be so excited to get Pringles as a gift, no joke. I LOVE THEM. I can go through two cans in one sitting, its bad :) Your outfit sounds absolutely adorable!

Mamarazzi said...

i love the story about your Grandma, very sweet memory!! i also like what you are going to wear, it's not cheating...if it looks good wear it!

thanks for linking up!!

Ginger Zuck said...

Great Easter memories!! Love pringles. We just got to eat the boiled eggs!!! LOL. I am a new follower! You did great from your phone!!

The Lovely One said...

Cadbury eggs??? Really? I think our friendship might be over. Cadbury eggs are so gross! So are peeps, for that matter. The only Easter candy worth eating are Robin eggs. Yum!

Jo said...

Aah how sweet was your grandma not!
I love cadbury eggs!

Kimberly said...

Cadbury eggs, yes! Speaking of holidays, you need to come see what I made my kids for April Fools. :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Cute jacket! We decorated our Easter eggs with black and white polka dots!

Linking from Mamarazzi's.

Ricki Jill