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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ode to a Son

I feel like I am at the end of an era.  Today is my last day ever to have four little children.  You see, tomorrow, my oldest becomes a teenager.  Just saying that makes me feel so incredibly old.  I feel like I should still be in my 20s, should still have brown hair, and should be carrying around little babies.  Son #1 was a smart, adorable, and funny little guy.  He was bald til he was two and made the funniest faces.  Now, he text girls, "hangs out" instead of playing with toys, and only wants to shop at American Eagle.  He would not be very happy if I called him by his childhood nickname, Bubba, in front of his friends.  Baby Girl still calls him Bubby, which secretly thrills me.

So, as I say goodbye to his childhood, I feel like I'm saying goodbye to my youth too.  But it's really not the end of an era, it's the beginning of a new one.  I no longer have to change his diapers or wipe his rear end; I don't have to pick him up to put him in a car seat.  I don't have to cut up his food at mealtimes and I don't have to comfort him in the middle of the night when he has a bad dream.  Those are happy milestones as well as pleasant remembrances of the past.  I wouldn't trade my memories for anything but I'm going to happily embark on a new phase in life.

Next weekend, he's having a group of boys over to play basketball and corn hole while cooking campfire pizzas and hot dogs outside.  His best friend is 16 and as tall as my husband.  His name is David, but I call him Goliath.  He towers over my kid, who has not yet had his adolescent growth spurt.  He's a good boy who told me he would always take care of my son.  I'm thankful for him.

I made a fancy invitation for his party.  No, he hasn't been lucky enough to participate in the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest.  This is just as good though, right?

I need a tremendous bout of wisdom to keep up with this gray hair and aging children.  I need to stop and smell the roses because I'll be blogging about being a grandmother before I know it.  OK, now I'm seriously depressed!  :)

Sleep-deprived parents of babies and toddlers, enjoy them as much as you possibly can today!  Tomorrow will be here soon enough!

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Linda said...

It really is very hard to believe how fast it all goes. Of course, while you're in the middle of it, sometimes it seems like time is standing still, but then you look back and whoosh, it's over.

There's a country song by Trace Adkins called, "You're Gonna Miss This". When it first came out, I cried every single time I heard it, not just for how quickly my children grew up, but for how much of my own life I wished away.

I'm trying to figure out how I can be old enough to be dealing with a grandson who will be getting his license pretty soon. Aaargh