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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

OCT 21 2015

I am a HUGE fan of the Back To The Future trilogy and I've been awaiting THIS DAY for 25 years now!!  I wish they would have picked a date that fell on a weekend...I would have had a huge 80s party!  But come on, it's Wednesday and I've got stuff to do!!  So, instead of doing what I should be doing, I'm going to give a lot of meaningless thought and study to this date, OCT 21 2015.

In case you don't know, this is the date that Marty McFly traveled to in the future in the second BTTF movie.  And if you don't know that, stop reading right now and go watch the trilogy in order!  In the future, cars were flying.  People dressed in crazy clothing and they rode Hover Boards.  Back in 1985, most people seemed to think we'd be living on Mars or the moon by now.  

Here are some things that happened in the movie:
  • Cars were hover converted to fly.  Fail.  If that were true, can you imagine the amount of texting and flying accidents we would have???
  • Marty's boss called him on a video screen in his den.  Check!  Can you say Skype?  Fortunately, we don't have a have an ancient, retractable screen hanging on our walls.  We can Facetime someone right from our phone!
  • USA Today photographed an event happening and it was immediately in the newspaper.  Well, that one is pretty much true.  With the invention of the cell phone camera, things like robberies, muggings, and arrests can be recorded and instantly uploaded to countless websites.
  • The Cubs won the World Series.  Well, we'll see!
  • Teenagers' clothes were worn inside out and shoes automatically laced themselves.  Plus, Marty's jacket dried itself when it got wet.  I can see the inside out clothes catching on, but auto lacing shoes might be a little costly.  Maybe LeBron will invent some and they can cost even more than his regular shoes.
  • 80s Cafes with digital ordering.  The 80s decade is super trendy right now and, because of nostalgia, things from this era are totally rad!  Digital ordering?  Well, I just ordered Chipotle from an app the other day and picked it up a half hour later.  Pretty darn close!
  • Hover Boards.  Did you know they truly have a product out right now called a Hover Board?  My boys were talking about it.  It doesn't actually fly, so I think it's junk.  But they were pretty hyped about it.
  • Remember when Jennifer had to touch an electronic pad to be allowed access to her house?  How many of you scan your thumbprint to get onto your phone?  I'd say that one has pretty much happened.  And why hasn't someone linked this with a way to get into your house or car???
If you watch the part of the movie where people are walking around town, one thing you'll notice is that people are actually walking while looking straight ahead.  That's totally something not true about today's age.  It's almost rare today to see someone walking without a smart phone in their hands.  People can't walk, drive, or eat dinner without looking down at their devices.  Marty's kids did wear glasses that could answer the phone though.  Pretty close.  But, they didn't each have their own line.  That's sounds weird now.  The days of asking, "Is Marty home?" are long gone!  If you want to talk to Marty, you'll call him, not his land line!  

So, I'm excited to experience this day.  I just wish I could drive to the kids school in a Delorean and listen to Beat It while dehydrating a pizza.  Since I can't, I'll just have to be satisfied with blogging about it.

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