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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blessings, Bad Business, and Bread

First of all, I want to say thank you for all the sweet and supportive comments ya'll left for me on Tuesday!  Your warm thoughts were very encouraging!  A quick update- Grandma is still hanging in there.  We think her lethargic condition was due to the fact that she was up for 30 hours straight.  She still is unable to walk and opening her eyes is difficult.  But her Hospice nurse feels like she will make it another week.  That really helps us breathe a sigh of relief about this weekend's wedding.  And yes, Hospice is a wonderful program!  The nurse and aides are all wonderful and genuinely seem to care for Grandma.


In the midst of all my stress, I saw the need to start running again.  We have had the most beautiful and unseasonable weather here!  A friend of mine and I went running (in short sleeves) last night around the lake in our town.  It was a perfect run and I felt so great afterward!  I was proud to make it 2 miles!  We walked a mile and a half in addition to the 2-mile run.


I bought a Groupon for a friend's birthday that was good for a mani/pedi at a local nail place.  I bought one for myself too so we could enjoy the day together.  The expiration date was quickly approaching so I called the shop to book an appointment.  They were closed that day and the next day.  The Groupon expired on a day they were closed!  I left an message explaining the dilemma and asked if they would honor our Groupons the next day they were open.  I left my number and asked them to call back as soon as possible.  They didn't call back.  The next day came and went.  I tried to call again but got their voice mail again.

Today, I called again and finally got someone.  I'll save you the drama but they informed me (in a very snotty manner) that I missed my opportunity.  I nicely explained that they were closed for two days prior to the deal expiring so I was left with my hands tied.  They told me I could add $40 more to receive the same service.  Yeah, right.  They apparently don't know me.  I asked for the owner to call me so I could explain that I did indeed call before the deal expired.  She asked my name.  She said they save all their phone records so they would check to see if I really did call.  It was very accusing.  "Great!" I said in my most chipper voice.  She thought I was bluffing, but I wasn't.  I'm still waiting to hear back from the owner.  My next line of defense is to say that Groupons are intended to bring more business to a company.  I will never bring my business to a place run that way and will be sure to tell all my friends how they treat paying customers.  Do you think I have a chance?


Last night, I was carrying the leftover spaghetti back to the kitchen after dinner.  The pan the sauce was in is huge and the lid started falling off.  There was no way I could catch it, with the heavy pan in my hands, so I did the next best thing.  I stuck out my foot.  This is a 13" stainless steel lid from Williams & Sonoma (costing a pretty penny) and I wasn't willing for it to get damaged.  The edges are thin and that thing fell right on the top of my foot, causing a gash.  I have a huge bruise half the size of a dollar bill on that sensitive part of my foot near the bottom of my leg.  I must say, I saved the lid so I consider it a victory!


Something new I've learned is about freezing bread.  I always thought people who froze bread were ridiculous.  Number one- it's cheap.  Just buy more.  Number two- old bread is not good.  Just buy fresh.  One night for dinner, my grandfather (who grew up during the Depression) pulled a loaf of bakery bread from the freezer.  I sadly shook my head, wondering why he ruined that delicious bakery bread by freezing it.  He separated the slices and laid them on a plate for just a few minutes.  When dinner started, I took a piece to be polite.  Let me tell you, that bread was as fresh as the day it was baked!  My mind was blown!  I now buy an extra loaf when it's on sale and stick it in the freezer.  Who knew?


What crazy or random things are going on in your life?  Do you have any pointless or interesting tips to share today?  What have you learned lately?

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