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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Grouchy at Drop-Off

Few things make me grouchier than the drop-off line at school in the mornings.  Grrr...my stress level is rising just thinking about it!  People drive with such little compassion for others; it really chaps my hide! 

The first thing that set me off this morning was the chick in the gold mini-van who attempted to do a U-turn right in front of me.  Sadly, our school sits on a busy street with one no-outlet side street bordering it.  It makes traffic flow horrendous.  So, this lady decides she's going to turn around on the side street.  Ha- yeah, right!  I had to wait on the main road while she drove in a semi-circle, ran out of room, backed up, and drove forward again.  Traffic was backing up because of her.  (I believe U-turns in the middle of the road are still illegal.  Yep, they are.)

Because it was raining this morning, I decided to drop Big Sis off at the back door.  She has a shorter walk that way.  Of course, the line was at least 15 cars long.  Up ahead, I see my good friend who is third in line.  She lets her kids out right there to help keep the line moving.  I shout Bravo! in my car, even though she can't hear me.  The dude behind her doesn't follow her lead and puts his truck into park.  He gets out, opens the door for his kid, and watches as the kid walks away.  Impatience growing...

Finally, I'm second in line.  Big Sis and I always do our goodbyes while waiting in line.  She takes off her seat belt, collects her belongings, and showers Baby Girl and me with hugs and kisses.  When my car stopped, she jumped out and ran into the school, ponytail bouncing.  The car ahead of me is still stopped and that child is just getting out.  My daughter is already in the school and the car ahead of us is still wrapping up business.  Finally, the child starts walking into the school.  The mom sits there and waits for her kid to get all the way inside!  With the manly gym teacher standing right there, does she think some molester is going to come along and grab her child within five feet of the school doors?  Just drive, lady!!!

I'm back to the intersection of the side street and main street.  Drop off in front of the school is crazy, due to the late hour.  (Yeah, we were running late again.  Surprised?)  Some carefree grandma decides to stop her car right in the intersection to let her kid off.  There apparently wasn't room directly in front of the school and she didn't want to make little Johnny walk ten extra feet.  So, here I am, stopped on the side street.  I'm unable to get out onto the main road because she is out of her car, walking around it!  Little Johnny didn't close the passenger door so she had to wobble all the way around the car to close it for him.

Is it just me?  Do I need anger management or do things like this bug the snot out of you too?  I don't claim to be the best driver in the world, but I try to be very considerate.  By the time I arrived home this morning, I was steaming.  Maybe riding the bus to school in the morning isn't such a bad idea after all....


Steve Finnell said...

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Mimsie said...

I can see the steam coming out of your ears. The only thing that might help is picking up a large coffee and fresh blueberry muffin on the way home. Except that might involve waiting in a line-up again at the fast food drive-through!

Cupcake Mama said...

I have the anger in these situations too.