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Friday, March 9, 2012

Idiots and Randomness

The idiot is me.  The rest of this post does not relate in any way, hence the title Idiots and Randomness.

I'm having computer issues once again.  I'm sure you've seen my setup before- we have two computers on one long desk.  Well, the one on the right won't connect to the internet.  I finally bribed my brother with chocolate chip cookies to come look at it.  Turns out, the #$@&* card has malfunctioned.  (Don't worry, I wasn't swearing.  I just don't know the name of the gizmo that's broken.)  Little bro is ordering one.

The computer on the left is slower than an overweight, aged tortoise.  It's supposed to be the kids' computer so it doesn't perform all that well.  It's all I've had available lately so I've overworked it.  It takes several minutes for a web page to load.  I can't handle that.

My laptop is lovely but won't connect to the internet either.  It really never has.  I think it's a lemon but never bothered to send it back.  Somehow, I figured out that I could get it to connect if I hardwired it.  Viola!  We have liftoff, people!  My internet connection is so fast...it totally rocks!

BUT- I'm confined to this desk space because I'm hardwired.  I have the laptop set up directly in front of Computer #1.  Guess how dumb I am?  I keep grabbing the mouse from the computer to try to move my cursor on the laptop.  When it doesn't work, it takes me several seconds to figure out why. Yeah, a bright one I am not.


More dumbness:  I am totally addicted to Draw Something on my phone.  It's a completely mindless, time-wasting game.  One must be a true idiot to be as addicted to this game as I am.  My friends weren't keeping up with me so I took to playing with complete strangers.  Ha!  Message me if you want to play with me!  (Don't worry, I won't call you an idiot.)  I will warn you that my artistic skills are sub-par at best.


Good news though- I was totally on time to pick up Son #1 from tuba lessons yesterday!  It's ridiculous how proud I am of that slight achievement.


As I sit here typing, Baby Girl just says, "I'm coloring like a genius."  I don't know where she got that word but it totally made me smile!


The timer on the washing machine just buzzed.  Baby Girl is downstairs trying to finish the laundry.  "What do I do, Mama?" she's calling.  I guess I'd better get off my duff and do my motherly duties.  Glad I have that toddler to keep me in line!


Maren said...

Ok, so I am a self admitted "Draw Something" addict. Feel free to invite me, my user name is Delta wife. I hope you are having a great weekend!

The Lovely One said...

I have seen so many posts lately about draw something. I'll have to try it out!