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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Neat Thing

I don't check my blog email too often.  I just forget.  It's the address that I enter on all my couponing websites, my survey sites, and anything else that I worry about getting spam from.  Logging on once or twice a week is pretty common for me.  If I'm blogging a lot, I try to check it every day. 

Because of this lack of being on the ball (does that mean I'm off the ball?), I miss out on stuff from time to time.  For example, I just lost a $10 Shutterfly coupon that expired June 30.  Duh!  I really could have used that too for the $80 project that's been sitting in my cart for some time now. 

Today, I logged onto my email and almost deleted something important.  The subject caught my eye because it had the word "tuba" in it.  Typically, very little spam about tubas is sent out.  I opened it with caution and read an email from a middle school band director.  Through a Google search, he stumbled upon my photo of Son #1 playing his tuba last year.  This band director is making a website as part of his Master's project and requested permission to use my photo!  I doubt that most people ask permission for something that doesn't have a watermark splashed across it (something that I've avoided doing because of how it ruins the look of photos on my blog).  This man also said he would give credit to my blog. 

I shared this information with Son #1, who was thrilled about being featured on a website.  I was quite thrilled too and sent him the full resolution image. 

I just thought that was kind of neat and wanted to share it.  I will also admit that, moments before discovering the email, I was Googling "how to sell stock photos."  I have been thinking lately about trying to sell some of my better work.  I enjoy taking and editing photos and would love to earn a wee bit o' spending money for them.  Can anyone point me in the right direction???

Something funny I just noticed- this photo was taken with what Son #1 calls "The Junky Tuba."  The poor thing has been beat up and dented horribly.  The photo would have turned out much nicer with "The Good Tuba" he brings home for performances and auditions.  Oh well! 

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