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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Happs

I'm taking the phrase Lazy Days of Summer far too literally!  It's been over 90 degrees for a couple weeks now and I haven't left the house much.  I'm way too content to sit on the couch, sipping iced tea and playing iPhone games.  (Scramble With Friends is my current fav.)

Our dishwasher has been broken for over a month now so I have dishpan hands most of the day.  The A/C in Hubby's new car went out too.  Repair bills are no fun, people!

I am keeping busy though...I can't believe it's already July!  The summer is flying by and I wish I could will it to slow down!  We'll be shopping for pencil boxes, crayons, and backpacks before I know it!  Hubby's side tile cleaning business has been picking up.  It usually does in the summer.  This year, I've been the one helping him.  I must say, I really enjoy it!  Although, when it's 96 degrees outside and you're standing behind a hot truck that is shooting out nearly boiling water, it can get a wee bit uncomfortable.  When I turned on my car after our last job, this is what it said:

But here are the results we get from the work:



Also, my photography business is totally taking off!  I am finally making enough money to pay for my website  hosting!  I had two more photo shoots recently and have some bookings for a few more!  I am finally starting to feel less guilty about charging people for my services.  When I hear what Seniors are paying local studios, I feel like I should be charging twice as much!  I don't spend any of my profits.  They all go into an envelope for a new camera.  I've saved up $250 all by my little self and I'm actually quite proud of my little (very little) savings.

Did I tell you we started yet another business?  My brother, cousin, and I (well, Hubby) bought a Photo Booth!  It's so much fun and we are really enjoying it!  So far, we've done a graduation party and one other event.  We're not making much money yet, but it will come in time.  Which reminds me- I've got to get our business cards ordered!  I did the website myself, which was out of my comfort zone.  But it turned out pretty well and the guys were happy with it.

The bad news bug has bitten around here lately too.  My best friend's nephew was killed in a car accident Sunday.  To make matters worse, it was his twentieth birthday.  The family is just a mess and his poor mother had to get The Phone Call in Florida and drive up here to bury her son. People, I just cannot imagine.

A former classmate of my brother's jumped off "Suicide Bridge" here in town.  They just spent two years renovating the bridge to deter people from jumping.  The guy climbed up on his car and shimmied over the railing.

Less tragic, but still quite painful, my cousin's fiancee called her up one night and ended things.  No real reason, no explanation.  He felt it wasn't God's will.  Two days prior, he called and encouraged her to put a bid on a house.  They honeymoon was booked and paid for, her dress was hanging in her bedroom, and the Save the Dates had been mailed.  I was blown away at first but now have a great desire to fly out to St. Louis and give this dude a piece of my mind.  I was with them the last time he was here, taking their engagement pictures.  He sure seemed pretty sure of God's will that day!  I removed all their photos from my website, which was sad for me because they were my best work ever. But my poor cousin is devastated and embarrassed.  I just don't understand how things can change that quickly.

I would love to be on a breezy beach with a great book right now.  (To further enhance my laziness.)  The Help was such a great book that I dread starting another.  I know it can only pale in comparison.  Good news for me- I'm still keeping up with my Bible reading.  I'm finally in Psalms!

I'm not planting a garden this year.  I'm really sad about that.  It just didn't happen and time kept on ticking.  It's too late now and I'm really going to miss those fresh tomatoes!!!

The marathon is coming up in a couple of months and it's way too hot to run.  Boogers.

Son #1 just returned from Boy Scout Camp and had a great time.  I missed that little brat!  :)  He's taking piano lessons from a really skilled teacher (at $18 a half hour!) and is speeding along.  Listening to piano practice is quite different from the tuba I'm used to.  He misses his horn and is anxious to pick it back up in August.  He did not get into the Youth Symphony Orchestra, but was OK with that.  He may still make the Youth Philharmonic, but I haven't heard anything yet.

That's The Happs for now.  Hopefully I can blog again before August!

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The Lovely One said...

Oh, your poor cousin! That's so sad. But I would much rather know that he was having doubts before the wedding than to have to find out a year later.