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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Since it's been nearly a month since I've blogged, I thought I would jump back in there with a WWTK! Shame on me for being so neglectful!

Today's questions are from two people, Kenzie  who wants to know...

1. What are your 4th of July plans?
Good question, Kenzie!  We typically picnic at my mom's house with the entire extended family.  On Memorial Day this year, we all went to my grandpa's instead.  As a recent widower, we knew he would leave the party too early if it was elsewhere.  If we all invade his home, he has no choice but to stay and party!  4th of July will be very similar.  My brother is smoking a pork butt and brisket.  He got a new Big Green Egg (and posts photos on Instagram several times a week about what he's cooking, saying things like, "Come see how good my butt smells,") and smokes things for an entire 24-hour day!  The results are amazing, so I'm not complaining!  The kids will play with the sprinkler and Slip & Slide and the adults will migrate between the cool house and huge front porch or play Corn Hole.  I love just chillin' with the fam!

2. Are you going to set off fireworks?
Knowing my immature brother, probably.  But not at Grandpa's...he will have none of that foolishness.  Our city set off fireworks Sunday night and we planned on going.  Around 9PM, we were wasted from the hot day and church picnic and decided to skip them.  There are other fireworks tonight but I have a feeling that the same thing will happen.

...And Crazymama was wondering...

3. What is your favorite BBQ side dish?
Oh, there are so many when it comes to side dishes.  I am kind of a side dish queen!  My go-to favorite is Hashbrown Casserole because it goes with everything.  There are a couple great salads I love, including Fancy Cole Slaw and that broccoli, bacon, cheese stuff with the mayo on it.  Mmmm!  For the 4th, I'm making Grandma's Potato Salad in her honor.  But I don't share that recipe.  

4. What is your favorite BBQ main dish?
I guess I'll have to say my brother's butt!  How disgusting does that sound????

5. Do you decorate or dress in red white and blue for the 4th? 
Yeah, I typically get into the spirit with my attire.  But I'm not a decorator.  It's way too much work, I'm not very good about it, and I'm lazy about getting it down in a timely manner.  When I'm a billionaire, I will hire someone to come decorate and un-decorate for each holiday!

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Jo said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great 4th of July!
Enjoy and welcome back btw!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

Wow. Your brothers smoked butt sounds really amazing. Lol. I love corn hole. Such a fun game for a large group! !

Linda said...

Glad to see you post again.

Mamarazzi said...

the hashbrown casserole sounds like what i need for dinner. welcome back, you have been missed for sure!

thanks for linking up...i am slow again this week *le sigh*