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Friday, March 19, 2010

Grandma's Potato Salad

I made Grandma's potato salad today. Wow, does that bring back memories! I haven't had it in many years and I only attempted to make it one other time. It wasn't good.

Grandma always brought potato salad to any family event. Hers was by far the best in the whole world and no one could make it like her. (Some thought they could, but NOPE!) Mom made the best macaroni salad, Aunt E made the best almond chicken, Nanny made the best ham, and I made the best chocolate chip cookies. But no one could touch Gram's potato salad!

We noticed Gram was starting to slip when the potato salad started tasting differently. She forgot the celery. She added apples this time (what's up with that?). She added powdered creamer (which actually tasted quite well). Then eventually, Grandma stopped making potato salad. The last time she made it, Gramps had to follow her around the kitchen and ask questions like, "Now, don't you put eggs in that? First we have to boil them."

Gram is still with us but is suffering from pretty severe dementia. So in a way, "she" is not really with us. The Grandma that we all loved and admired has turned into a different person. But we still love and admire her. I think she's my favorite person who ever lived. That's why I named my first daughter after her.

How is my potato salad? It's not Gram's. I put too many onions in it. (Aww, man!) I wish I had the pretty cut glass dish she used to always put it in. I just might have to ask for that next time I go see her. Maybe I'll take her some potato salad.

This is one recipe I can't share with you. It's Gram's and it's special.

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