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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Annoyed and Not Loving It

Today, I  have a special edition of Pet Peeves Eating Me Alive!  I'm not sure if I'm a bit crabby or if people are allowing their true ignorance to spew forth more than normal.  It seems like so many people are getting on my nerves lately.

(By the way, googling "Pet Peeves" comes up with some pretty funny results.  I love Google.  It is definitely not one of my pet peeves.)

Number One- people in the school pick up line.  I know all of the parents out there know who I'm talking about.  I just hope you're not one of them.  If you are, please recognize yourself from this post and change your ways!  There are rules and regulations when it comes to picking up your kid after school.  Some of them are written; some of them are just common sense.  What makes me the angriest right now is the lazy people:  those who stop their car anywhere they want to avoid walking thirty feet to the assigned pick up spot.  They don't care if they block the entire drive and no one else can get through.  They don't care if their misplaced car causes me to step into a huge snowdrift.  All they care about is sitting in their warm car, with their warm pajamas, loud music, and cigarette hanging from their bottom lip.  These people also tend to roll down the window and shout the name of their child.  Enough said- I guess I need to be thankful that I'm above that type of behavior.

Number Two- people who share far too much on Facebook.  I know you know some of these people too.  These people can be divided into a few different categories:  people crying out for help, insecure lonely people, and people just too dumb to know better.  This week, I have seen a woman pour out her soul, detailing everything that is wrong with her life.  To her, I would like to suggest journaling her feelings privately instead of displaying her plethora of problems on the world wide web.   What can come of airing your dirty laundry to 437 of your closest "friends?" 

I have also seen a woman who detailed every problem in her adult son's life.  I think that's even worse.  I had no idea this man was involved in so much drama, but thanks to his dear mom, I now know every detail.  Privacy is obviously no longer important to so many these days. 

My biggest Facebook pet peeve right now is adult bullies.  Television specials and newspaper columns are dedicated to teens to cyber bully one another through social media.  No one seems to address the ridiculous adults who do the same thing.  Also this week, I was directed to a post about my family.  It was cruel, it was public, and it was embarrassing.  The worst thing is that I'm actually linked to the person who posted it.  The post wasn't skillfully vague so that no one would know exactly who they were talking about.  It was bold, obvious, and clear to anyone who knows us.  Being the classy person I am, I did not retaliate.  I did not post something equally cruel or slimy.  I lifted my chin a little higher, brushed off the insult, and went about my life.  (Then I came here and told all of you about it.)


Linda said...

I can't even get started on my "pet peeves"! It would fill tomes. But if it's any consolation to know that you're not alone in your frustrations, I offer my agreement with what you've said. On my behalf, it's refreshing to know that there are people out there, like you, who think like me. (maybe we were twins separated at birth, hahahaha)

The Lovely One said...

I totally agree... you do not air your dirty laundry on Facebook! if you have secrets, start a blog! :)

Stephanie said...

I agree with you 100% The pick up at school makes me curse a blue streak on a weekly basis! (under my breath of course) Seriously how dumb can some people be???

Maybe I will go rant my feelings on my facebook page. :)