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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bucket List

The kids are sick and I haven't felt fresh air since Sunday.  I'm sure you'd rather not hear details about the mess I had to clean up in the middle of the night.  Instead, I'll post this email I received from a friend.  I usually don't get into these forward-type things, but this one looked fun.  I can't say these are actually things I'd put on my bucket list, but it's interesting to see how many things I've done.

( ) Rode in an ambulance - Thankfully, no!

( ) Shot a gun - Just the gun from Duck Hunt, the video game.

( ) Gone on a blind date - Not really, but my cousin and her boyfriend arranged for his friend to hang out with me once at an amusement park.  So, kind of.  I won't count it though.

(X ) Skipped school - Because I was such a good student, my mom allowed me to flick from time to time.  The best time was my Junior year when about 8 of us signed out after lunch, walked home, and ate at Taco Bell, I think.  We definitely weren't rebels though. 

( ) Watched someone die - I've never actually been there when someone gave up the ghost, but I've seen both of my grandparents immediately afterward.

(X) Visited Canada - A few times.  I've been to The Falls a couple times and Toronto once.  We crossed the Michigan border once to a French speaking area, which was neat.

( ) Visited Hawaii - No, but I've experienced the beauty of it through Linda's photos!  She winters there every year!

( ) Visited Cuba - No, I can't say that it's something I'd ever really want to do.  I don't smoke cigars and Ricky Riccardo is dead.

(X) Visited Las Vegas - Yes!  For our 15th anniversary.  We really enjoyed it!

( ) Visited Central America - Nope.

( ) Visited Asia - Nope.

( ) Visited Mexico - Nope.

(X) Visited Washington, DC - Yes.  We took the boys there when they were little.  It was in '02 or '03 and we could still see the effects of 9/11 on the Pentagon.

(X) Seen the Grand Canyon -  From an airplane, flying to Vegas. 

(X) Seen a Lighthouse - Sure, lots of times.

(X) Seen the Capital of your State - Of course.

( ) Been Snow Skiing - No, Hubby said I would certainly break a leg if I tried.  We live within 20 minutes of two fabulous ski resorts too.

( ) Been Water Skiing - No- again, the broken leg thing.  I have been tubing though.

( ) Ridden in a dragster - I don't even know what that is.  A race car?  Um, no. 

(X) Flown in a plane - Of course.

(X) Served on a jury - No!  Although, stating that right now will cause me to get called!  I've only been called once and it was when I was nursing a newborn.  I got out of it.

(X) Been lost - Only a few hundred times.  I am directionally challenged.  At least I can read a map though.  If I could read a map while driving, I would never get lost. 

(X) Traveled to the opposite side of the country - I've been from southern Florida to San Fransisco, California.

(X) Swam in the ocean - Many times.

(X) Cried yourself to sleep - Unfortunately.

( ) Been camping in a trailer/RV - When we go camping, we're hard core!  We sleep in a tent on the ground.  None of this RV with a toilet stuff for us!

( ) Rode on an elephant - Nope.

( ) Rode on a camel - Nope.  But my kids have!

(X) Eaten just cookies or cake for dinner - Ah, the college years!  Lunch was typically fruit snacks & a Kit Kat.  Dinners weren't much better.

(X) Been on TV - Once one the news, and once on a religious show.  Our youth choir sang 3 songs on one of those shows that only old people watch in the middle of the day.

(X) Been on Radio - I've won a couple contests before and they put me on the radio.  I've never done a show or anything.

( ) Stolen any traffic signs - No, that was my brother. 

(X) Been in a car accident - Yes, but nothing too tragic.  My most recent was when a 92-year old woman T-boned me.  She lost her license after that.

( ) Been in hospital in past 24 months - Thankfully, no.  My year of hospital stays was 2008.

( ) Donated blood - I tired, but they poked all the way through my vein and told me I couldn't do it.  I haven't tried since, but I know I should.

( ) Gotten a speeding ticket in the last 12 months - Again, I'm afraid to even say this- I've never had a speeding ticket!  It's only the grace of God because I do not drive like a grandma.

( ) Gotten a piercing - Never.

( ) Gotten a tattoo - Nada.

(X) Drive a four door car - Um, yeah!  What other kind is there?  Like I'm going to drive a little sporty convertible!

(X) Driven a stick shift - I don't know if "driven" is the correct word.  I sat behind the steering wheel, causing the car to do all kinds of lurches and make crazy noises.  I finally got it to stop, put it park, and vowed never to try again.

( ) Ever owned your dream car - Right now, I'm eyeing the Mercedes GL line.

(X) Been married - Just the one time.

( ) Been divorced - I hope to never check this box!

(X) Fell in love - Again, just the one time.

( ) Fell out of love - No, I don't plan to.

( ) Flew in Goodyear blimp - No, but I was there at the hangar to watch my cousin and a couple of my friends take their ride.

(X) Flew in hot air balloon - Yes!  We had one at our church once.  It only took us up and then back down.  But it was an awesome experience!

(X) Flew in helicopter - Yes, one of those tourist helicopters.  I was terrified!

( ) Sailed on a yacht - Um, no.  I don't exactly roll with yacht people.

(X) Cruised on a big ship - Yep!  3 times!

( ) Rode a motorcycle - No, and I don't plan to.

(X) Rode on a snowmobile - Oh yeah!  My dad & uncle had them when we were little.  We spent all winter riding snowmobiles!

( ) Gone para-sailing - Nope.

( ) Gone Skydiving - Ha, yeah right.

( ) Rode on a Zip-line - Yes, and I have a video of it!  It was a short ride that my kids did before I could get up the nerve.  I loved it though!

( ) Gone SCUBA diving - No, but it sounds fun!

(X) Rode a Subway - New York and D.C.

(X) Rode a Train - Oh yes!  We took a train from California to Colorado!

My age is: 36
Now that I'm thinking back on this, who would put "Fall out of love" on their bucket list?  That's a little nutso if you ask me!  Someday I'll have to sit down and write my own bucket list.  The first thing on my bucket list is:

1.  Write a bucket list


Linda said...

I love the idea of a Bucket List. I love that movie and ever since I first saw it, have thought that I should make my own list, but never have.

Funny items on the list you posted. Some of the items would never have occurred to me, but just goes to show you how we're all so different.

Crystal Escobar said...

Haha, that's a great way to start a bucket list :).
I'm a new visitor to your blog. I love meeting and connecting with other moms :).