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Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Apology

I am sorry to all those who received a spam email from me a couple days ago.  I have no idea how it happened and had no intention to harm anyone.  I have not opened any spam myself so can't quite figure out how all my contacts were emailed from my account.  I hope no one suffered any problems because of it.  Please let me know if it ever happens again.  I will close my account if necessary.

While it happened, we were on another road trip.  I'm glad to finally be back to my own bed!  Aren't hotel pillows horrible???  Hope everyone had a restful Sunday and a beautiful weekend!


chris said...

hey - spam happens. no worries.
i know what you mean about hotel pillows - but i love the beds!

Lisa said...

I didn't get it from you, but I have from other people. It seems to be coming from my friends who play that castle game on Facebook.

Cory said...

Hi... Just wanted to let you know that I got something from you on the 23rd... :) I thought "wow, she must miss me." Ha! Sadly no... just spam. Love your blog.