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Monday, February 13, 2012


Things Heard Around My House Lately:

(Note:  My words are in green while Baby Girl's are in purple.)

"You shouldn't read the Bible on the toilet."
"I'm gonna be like Daddy."


"You have a headache? I'm gonna cut you."
(Baby Girl was actually being sypathetic, not psycho-killer-like. She was holding a plastic tea set knife and was kind of scratching her brother's back with it.)


(As Baby Girl was carrying her brother's play sword up the steps, I doubted her need for it.)
"I don't think you need to be playing with that sword."
"Yes I do.  It's my granddaughter's sword."
"It's your granddaughter's sword?"


"I'm gonna call da police.  You're goin' to jail."
"I'm going to jail?  Have I been a bad girl?"
"Well, I'm going to miss you when I'm in jail.  Will you miss me?"
"Nope."  (Picks up my cell phone and pushes a couple buttons.)  "Hello, police?  Mommy needs to go to jail.  OK, bye."
"Goodbye, I'll miss you."
"I miss you too, Mommy."  (Gives me a hug and a kiss.)


Only half-heartedly listening, I heard Baby Girl say something to the effect of:
Is my daddy going to fix the car?
My black daddy?  (She had my attention now.)
Your daddy is black?
Oh, OK.  What color am I?
I'm green?  What color are you then?
Yeah.  I have hearts on my shirt.
OK, I get it now.

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CarrieGirl1179 said...

I absolutely love hearing about everything she says! I had to tell the black daddy story to a friend today :) So cute!