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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still Clipping Coupons

Last week's grocery shopping trip totally made me feel like I was on the television show!  It wasn't my most profitable shopping trip ever, but it was fun!

I had an overflowing shopping cart and a huge stack of coupons.  When someone got behind me in line with only five items, I didn't notice right away.  I was too busy watching the prices appear on the monitor.  Then I had Problem #1.  I forgot to hand the cashier my rain checks at the beginning and she had already scanned those items.  She had to void the products that were already scanned and call over a manager for approval.  She rescanned the items at the correct price and kept moving. 

Problem #2 occurred while she was scanning my coupons.  None of the coupons for the rain check items would scan.  Again, she had to call over the manager, who was starting to dislike me.  She fixed the problem and went on her merry way.

On every episode of the show, it seems like the shopper says, "The coupons aren't doubling!"  I always wondered if I would notice if my coupons weren't doubling.  Today, I had the opportunity which brings us to Problem #3.  "The coupons aren't doubling!" I exclaimed.  I purchased five boxes of cereal that were on sale for $2.50 each.  I had a $.55 coupon that should have doubled.  Each box should have cost $1.40.  Again, my cashier called over the manager.  We explained the problem but she wasn't willing to help.  "There's nothing we can do about that," she said in a very grouchy tone.  "The manufacturer created this coupon to not double.  The store cannot do anything about their coupon."  Even though I knew this information was not true, I dismissed Grouchy Gerta because I was anxious to get out of the store.  The manager totally has the power to manually double the coupon.  The coupon did not state that it could not be doubled.

I was getting embarrassed by this point and finally turned to the people behind me.  "I am so sorry!" I said.  The 60-ish woman gave me a huge smile and said, "Don't be!  We are really enjoying watching you!  When I saw what you were doing, I turned to my mother and said 'She's a couponer!'  We are so excited to see what you save!"  I was pleased as punch!  Most customers get grouchy when they are delayed but these people were rooting me on!  "Will you please let us know what you save?" she asked.  I was ready to broadcast it over the P.A. system so I would surely tell these nice people!

At the end of the checkout process, I paid with cash and was handed my ginormous receipt.  "How much?!" my fan club exuberantly exclaimed.  "Total savings:  98.37!"  The woman turned around to make sure her elderly mother heard.  "Wow, that's so wonderful!  It was a pleasure to wait...at least you weren't on welfare!"  Ha! 

I looked around but, sadly, did not see any television cameras.  It was still fun, even if my audience was only three people.  Saving money should be this much fun every week!

This week, I got a young, male cashier who was very attractive, even though I was a good decade and a half older than him.  When he noticed who I was and what I do, he dramatically asked me, "Am I on The Show?  Are there television cameras here?"  He looked around in an animated fashion and straightened his hair.  "No," I sadly said, "I wish!  I promise, if I ever do get to that point, I will come to YOUR line!"  He told me it's a deal and expertly scanned all my groceries without a problem.  Yeah, I'll take the cutie cashier any day over the grouchy old lady who acts put out that I'm actually asking her to ring out my purchases. 

Oh- by the way, I scored 12 tubes of toothpaste totally free!  Yeah baby, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!


Mimsie said...

Very impressive. And I also meant to comment on your previous post about your grandma. I liked seeing the picture of the note you found in your Bible from her. Precious!

Stephanie said...

Squee! You have a fan club and you saved $$$$ :) Woo hoo!

Linda said...

I'm so impressed with what you're doing with coupons. I used to search the papers faithfully every Sunday, and I could only find one or two for the products that I used. Couldn't save too much that way.

My reference to it being chilly here was sincere. It was about 66degrees, and even in NY that's cool enough for people to wear jeans and long sleeved shirts.

Today, at about 77 degrees I saw a young woman wearing long jeans and a heavy hoodie sweatshirt. I practically broke out in a sweat just looking at her.