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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

To make up for yesterday's post, I'm going to talk about the things making me happy today!

First of all, one of my dearest friends got engaged yesterday!  She's marrying my "adopted cousin" and we've all been waiting for this for a while.  I knew they needed to be together years ago.  I knew she liked him, and I was pretty sure he liked her.  He was just too much of a stick in the mud to do anything about it.  I started teasing him about it, in an encouraging, big cousin kind of way.  When he was ready to finally ask her out, he asked my opinion about what to do for their first date.  I've also helped him decide on birthday and Christmas gifts.  I thought he might ask me to help him pick out the ring, but he did that all on his own!  Proud of them!  They got engaged on a mountain in Virginia.  How sweet!  

Another thing making me very happy today is that I am finally done painting!  3 gallons, multiple paint swatches, and what seems like ten hours of cleaning paint brushes later- all the hard work is done!  Now I can concentrate on putting my disorganized house back together!  I need to have my yard sale and get rid of all this extra junk!  

I have a great friend of mine scheduled to come over next week.  She is an interior designer and her skill is second to none!  I'm going to have her walk around the house and do her magic.  I have a certain style I like, but just don't know exactly how to execute it.  I have a little bit of money to spend, but I think she'll be able to move around what I already have and make it look better.  The kids have nothing hanging on their walls yet, but I'm sure she'll know the best way to handle that.  She doesn't charge much, and tries not to charge me at all.  But I want to pay her what she charges everyone else.  Then, I'm going to watch her kids so she can go out alone with her husband.  I'm excited!  

At this very moment, it is not raining.  Yes, it's supposed to rain most of the rest of the day, but it's not raining RIGHT NOW.  I'll take it.  

I made a delicious new recipe last night for dinner!  Of course, the kids didn't like it, but I thought it was fabulous!  I could best describe it as a creamy chicken spaghetti.  Thanks, Pinterest!  I think I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

60 days 'til I leave for New York!

Something that puts a little smile on my face is that my brother bought back our car.  Quick back story- right after Son #1 was born, we were ready to upgrade from our tiny Honda Civic to something larger.  We had our eyes set on a CR-V for quite some time.  We were on a waiting list for like 3 months because of the popularity of the vehicle.  We finally bought one in silver, brand new.  I loved that car.  It was probably my most favorite vehicle ever.  We drove it from 1999 until 2012.  It was still a great car, even though it had a cracked windshield and no A/C.  We repaired the windshield and sold it to my little cousin.  He really enjoyed having a car of his own and just dealt with being hot in the summer.  A couple weeks ago, his dad gave him his newer CR-V.  I hated to see the car go, and they offered it back to us, but it's going to be a couple more years before Son #1 is driving.  I thought it would be so cool for him to drive the car we bought the year he was born!  Anyhow, my brother drives a little sports car that our SUV could run over like a monster truck rally, and it doesn't perform well in our arctic winters.  (I'm worried the deep snow could actually cover it at some point.)  He bought the car back just to drive to work in the winter!  I told him to come see us in 2 years and we'd make a deal!  I love things that stay in the family!

Hubby just got a huge job for his side business!  He's ready to hire some help and really try to get this business going.  Since his day job just gave him the major shaft, he's pursuing what he really wants to do!  His other side job mowing grass is thriving too!  He's ready to collect an $850 check from the landscaper who contracted him!  That's sure going to come in handy with school shopping this year!  At our photo booth Saturday night, I had 2 or 3 people who told me they definitely want to book a gig of their own!  Business #3 taking off!  We're going to be just fine!

Life is good!  Share your warm fuzzies with me today!


Stephanie said...

Such a warm and wonderful post!! Congrats to your adopted cousin and can't wait to hear all about that trip to New York!

Lisa said...

I'm house sitting for my friend. They want me as a room mate. Right now it doesn't seem like a bad idea.