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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Renovations in Process

I'm spending the day cleaning out Baby Girl's room in preparation for Son #1 to move in. I can't imagine why he doesn't want to keep the Bessie Pease Gutmann wallpaper that was originally hung for his nursery!  Here are some before/during shots:

I have a couple "helpers" who are actually much more of a hindrance!

The girls suddenly want to play with every toy and everything I'm packing up!  No, they haven't touched the baby bed and dolls for over a year, but today, they're all about baby dolls!  All the good toys are camping out in the hallway and in my room until they have a new home.  That little door on the right side of the room is an attic storage space.  It's packed to the insulation with stuff for a yard sale!  I hope I can actually get to having one this year!  Anyone with little kids would be highly in luck!

Can't wait to get this project done!  I'm on a roll right now!

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Mimsie said...

Let us see the finished product!