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Friday, July 19, 2013

My Daughter is a Hoarder

I'm still in the midst of all these room renovations and I'm so sick of it, I'm ready to scream!  I gave Big Sis ample warning of what was coming.  She worked and worked on her room...actually, I should have put those words in quotes.  She "worked" and "worked" on her room and finally declared that it was clean.  She was ready to move out.

On her birthday, I allowed her best friend to come over to play outside.  I continued to work on the bedrooms, so as not to lose momentum.  I didn't make her do any chores or cleaning on her birthday.  That night, however, I peered into her room and realized it was again a tornado site.  I just can't deal with that child and her messiness.  She cannot put anything away.  Ever!  And I'm getting ready to move her into a room with a 4-year old who is inflicted with the same disease.  Can y'all predict the outcome of this?

Last night, Hubby and Son #1 disassembled her bed and moved it into the new room.  We are calling this room The Room since it doesn't actually belong to anyone right now.  Son #2 has his clothes in there but his bed is in #1's room.  Baby Girl has her dresser in there, but she's sleeping in Big Sis' room.  It's a hot mess.  As they were taking down her bed, they discovered the (what's the biggest most dramatic word I can come up with?) colossal mess underneath.  There was trash, junk, and crap.  We found two black church shoes that didn't match one another, making it so that she's had no black church shoes lately.  I nearly fainted.  I told her she was NOT moving into The Room until she took care of this mess.  She whined.  She cried.  She begged for help.  I told her that she created this mess...she was going to have to clean it up.

It's been hours.  It's been days.  The mess is getting smaller, but it's still there.  It's to the point that I cannot even stand to look in the room any longer.  I'm trying to help her by taking a few things over at a time.  Her dresser and bed are now set up in The Room.  By the way, it turns out that The Room is much smaller than it seems.  How are we going to fit all this stuff into it?  

I look at photos on Pinterest and see little girls' rooms that look like this:

Yeah, right.  Where is all their STUFF?  These are not real people.  I've determined that my daughter is a hoarder.  Mostly, it's because she's very sentimental.  If anyone gives her anything, she wants to keep it for eternity.  People know she's sentimental and very appreciative, so they give her all their junk.  She has my cousin's bridesmaid bouquet from a wedding a year and a half ago.  I saw her carrying the dust ridden, dead flowers into The Room and I simply said, "No."  I am not going to have her taking a bunch of worthless stuff over to this nice, new, clean space.  

How do you tell a little girl that she can't keep all the wonderful little trinkets and treasures she's collected over the years?  How do you explain that the metal church that kind of looks like a bank, but serves no purpose is junk?  How do you break it to her that the broken vase her grandma gave her needs to be trashed?  It's hard.  Her dresser and bed are dollhouses with multiple shelves.  Up to this point, those shelves have been full of junk.  I simply cannot allow that to happen again.  I'm going to need to stage an intervention for this lovely little girl who wants to save all the lovely little gems that life has blessed (or cursed) her with over the past nine years.  

Anyone want to help???


Erica said...

Take pictures of each thing and make a photo book or scrap book of it with her! So she can always look at all of it.

Anonymous said...

I so know what you mean about those Pinterest photos. Where DO they keep their stuff??? Personally, I like to see stuff. My kids are all out on their own now with families of their own and I really miss their stuff..

Melissa Thomas said...

I have the same problem with two of my children. My oldest actually screamed and cried for 10 minutes once because I threw his pencil away that was about 1/4 of an inch long!
The last time we moved I was determined not to take all that "junk" with us. So I bought each child a BIG tote (the kind they sell at Wal-Mart with a lid) and I put it in the middle of their room while we were packing. I told them they could put ANYTHING they wanted into that tote. But once the tote was full that was it. Everything else in the room was fair game for the trash! So once they had filled their tote I went in and packed up the room (throwing things away to my hearts content).
I hope this idea helps you! Good luck!

The Lovely One said...

I think I'm more of a hoarder than my daughter is! She has a dollhouse in her room that she never plays with. She would be fine if I got rid of it... but I don't want to. What if she decides she wants to play with it next week? My parents bought it for her-- will they get their feelings hurt if I get rid of it? Ugh! I have issues!