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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Happs

I don't know what part of the country (or world) you live in, but we're about to float away here in the Midwest!  Usually by this time of year, Hubby has parked the mower because the grass is brown and prickly.  Usually, the kids are playing water games in the backyard every day.  Usually, I wonder if I should water the grass to keep it green or if that's a silly waste of water.  Not this year.  Our town is flooding.  Our porch flooded.  We've lost power the past two nights because of thunderstorms.  This unlikely weather has made training for my half marathon very difficult!  I may start taking to wearing a shower cap everywhere I go.


My house is in a horrid state of disarray due to the recent Room Moving Projects.  I did finish the paint job in Son #1's new room and was going to take my After picture.  Before I turned around, he had already started filling it up!  Plans got put on hold because he left for church camp Monday.  It's a bit over 2 hours away, so I found a friend and made the hike down to the middle of nowhere.  I drove down, unloaded his stuff, and drove back.  He wouldn't even allow me to help him carry it into the dorm.  Last year, I set up his stuff, made his bunk, made his friend's bunk, and hung around for a half hour or so.  This year, he couldn't say goodbye quickly enough!


My little cousin offered to bring him home from camp Friday night, which makes me very happy.  He's 18 and very trustworthy.  Being the "big brother" he is to #1, he told him he won't bring him home at the end of the week if he doesn't get a date.  Ha!  A date at church camp consists of asking a girl to eat ice cream at the same table as you in a crowded cafeteria.  That's just fine with me.  Last night, my cousin sent me a text saying that #1 apparently has a ride home Friday.  Attached was a photo of him across the table from a very beautiful girl!  I had a hard time getting the grin off my face.


We had a bit of adventure over the weekend.  On Friday morning, Baby Girl woke up looking like this:

Friday afternoon, she looked like this:

It progressed to this:

She wasn't miserable, wasn't complaining, and didn't have a fever.  When asked if it hurt or itched, she was indecisive.  We assumed it was a bug bit on her eyelid.  I called the doctor and explained the situation.  I said I bought Benedryl, but it says only give to children under 6 with the advice of a doctor.  They looked up her weight and gave me the correct dosage.  I kept her on it every 6 hours (except for nighttime) until Sunday afternoon.  By Monday morning, she was completely normal.  It was a bit worrisome though!


Today, I'm hoping to muster the motivation to start on the next room in my project, which doesn't explain why I'm on the laptop blogging. I guess I just really felt the need to keep you all in the know.  I want to get all three rooms painted and moved around first, then I can start on making them look cute.  The extra toys, chairs, shoes, books, and shelves in the middle of my bedroom is getting to be a hazard.


OH- one more short story....the friend who rode down to camp with me asked to use my bathroom before we left.  Yikes!  I can't remember the last time my house looked this bad and she's not someone who comes over often.  I just gritted my teeth and told her to go on upstairs.  Afterward, I nearly threw up when I realized the mess and nastiness she saw.  Oh well...she's got 3 kids, so hopefully she still loves me!


The Lovely One said...

Poor baby! I think I would have freaked out if I woke up to my child's eye looking like that!

And if a friend came over to use my bathroom right now, I would tell her sorry, but they're all out of order! There's no way anyone is coming in to my house right now!

Lisa said...

You friends care about you, not your housekeeping skills.

I'm from Georgia and have been watching the river rise all summer long. That we are expecting a hurricane to blow through is a scary thought. I already have had seven more trees fall in the woods. I'm sure that I will have no woods if the winds get about 50 mph.

If that had been any one of my kids they would be whining and complaining.

We want to see the picture of the date.