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Thursday, July 1, 2010

100 Things About Me

I saw this on another blog and thought it was very clever. Even though the author was a perfect stranger to me, I really enjoyed reading 100 random things about her. I don't talk about specifics too often here but I thought this was a good time. And I bet this will be more difficult thank I think.

1. I think my eyes are my best feature.

2. I am truly lazy and would love to just sit around all day doing nothing.

3. I could live on nothing but junk food for the rest of my life.

4. I started dating Hubby at age 16 and got married at 19. We're still together.

5. My oldest son looks and acts just like me and he's the one who drives me crazy.

6. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education.

7. I think being a stay-at-home-mom is the best job in the world.

8. I have had 7 surgeries: 4 C-Sections, foot surgery, an Appendectomy, and a Tubal Ligation.

9. I consider my husband my best friend but I have a strong desire for other female relationships.

10. I have a Diet Coke addiction.

11. I consider myself a failing OCD. I like things to be perfect but don't always have the energy to do it the way I want it done.

12. I love to bake but don't really like to cook.

13. I love entertaining.

14. I never had braces and I don't like my teeth.

15. I have more freckles on my body than anyone could ever count.

16. I do not know how to hook up the DVD player and have to call my son in to do it for me.

17. I loathe improper use of apostrophes.

18. I got fired from my first job after one day. I was a Junior in high school and they thought I was Junior in college. I still hold a grudge.

19. I have never had a pedicure.

20. I do not pump my own gas.

21. I look at my husband every day and wonder how I ended up with someone so good looking.

22. I attend church three times a week.

23. I finally admit that I wish I would have worked harder on piano lessons as a child. Mom was right.

24. I am jealous of how many things my little brother can do well. I am also so proud of him.

25. I would love to have another baby but I don't want another kid.

26. My parents live next door to me.

27. I have only lived in two houses my entire life. (Here and next door!)

28. When my kids are grown, I plan to travel the world without them. I will start in Italy.

29. One of my dreams is to be a children's book author. Every time I try to start, I can't think of anything to write.

30. I typically eat at Chipotle a couple times a week. I am addicted.

31. I would love to get a tummy tuck. And I would if I could justify the cost.

32. I have snuck backstage at numerous concerts and developed a friendship with the artist because of it.

33. I make a gallon of sweet tea every day.

34. I've only been to 17 US states but hope to visit them all before I die.

35. I'm a very picky eater but will try anything once. One of the worst things I've tried is escargot.

36. I missed graduating with honors because of one D in Spanish class my Sophomore year. I talked to the girl behind me instead of paying attention. That's probably my biggest regret today.

37. I am a big advocate of breastfeeding.

38. I am Pro-Life.

39. I am not hugely environmentally conscious. In other words, I am not very "green."

40. I love living in a 4-season location but I wish winter could be cut by a month or two.

41. I have extremely ticklish feet.

42. I can't wear watches because my body chemistry breaks them.

43. I find John Grisham books boring and dull.

44. My favorite author is Maeve Binchy.

45. I know how to swim but not well.

46. I have never drank alcohol or smoked a cigarette.

47. I teach dramatic sign language to the teens at my church.
48. I love my backyard and think it is the nicest yard in the whole town.

49. I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and can't wait to do it with my two daughters and hopefully two daughters-in-law.

50. I am paranoid of roaches even though I've never had them in my house.

51. I did not like Katz Deli in NYC but I'm embarrassed to admit it because it's so famous.

52. I love Harry Connick, Jr. and Michael Buble'.

53. I also love gospel music, classical, jazz, pop, soft rock, and 60s music.

54. I love cake decorating but have never been taught. I signed up for a class but it was cancelled.
55. I have had stitches in my forehead and a broken wrist.

56. I have lost two best friends in my life and only occasionally talk to my current "best friend."

57. I hate drama. (Dramatic people, not the arts.)

58. My favorite movie is Gone With the Wind but I've never read the book.

59. I hate peaches.

60. When I was little, I watched The Wizard of Oz and Annie so often that I could almost quote them.

61. I've only tried to mow the grass once. I mowed for about ten feet then stopped.

62. I love sitting on the beach with a book.

63. I have always hated the zoo but broke down and bought a zoo pass this year.

64. I believe in spanking my kids.

65. My parents used to take us primitive camping all the time. I wish I did this with my kids.

66. I don't go to PTA because I can't stand one of the women who sits on the board.

67. I honestly feel bad for my kids' friends because my kids are so much cuter.

68. I hate sales calls and feel like screaming at solicitors when they call.

69. I wish that everyone involved in the pornography industry would suddenly die.

70. I am gradually becoming completely gray-haired and I'm letting my hair go naturally.

71. I am extremely frugal and cheap. I love following the teachings of Dave Ramsey.

72. I am on a puppet team.

73. I do not text while driving and get mad at people who do.

74. I do not drink coffee.

75. I can not stand people who go to the grocery store in their pajamas and people who do not dress up for weddings.

76. I do not believe in ghosts or UFOs.

77. I do believe in Heaven and Hell.

78. I am thinking of running on a relay team in a marathon. But I've yet to start training.

79. I was a virgin when I married.

80. I have a huge extended family and we are very close.
81. I enjoy watching sports.

82. I do not like watching the news because it typically depresses me.

83. I sing in a choir.
84. I'm growing tomatoes this year but I think I planted them too late.

85. I'm very proud that I've kept a house plant alive since my grandpa's funeral 2003. (It doesn't look too healthy though.)

86. I read the comics in the newspaper nearly every day.

87. I don't quite get the hype about Sudoku.

88. I love lying on our hammock and wish I was brave enough to sleep on it all night long.
89. I love finding constellations in the night sky. Orion is my favorite.

90. I think I would do really well if I had the opportunity to appear on a game show.

91. I bribe baby girl into giving me kisses when she wants something.

92. I've allowed my teaching certificate to expire and it would take a full-time semester in college to renew it.

93. I watch Glee.

94. I struggle with my son's math homework because he is passing me up.

95. I save and roll all my spare change. We're hoping to eventually take a vacation with our change.

96. I've saved every love note written to me.

97. I have Old Navy flip flops in almost every color.

98. My house is mostly painted in earth tones. (Tan, sage, slate, and lime green.)

99. My ice maker is broken and it drives me crazy to make my own ice.

100. The title of my blog comes from my nickname growing up - She.

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