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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I took my first Senior pictures over the weekend. I think I could get used to doing this as more than a hobby. They turned out really great. I can't show them to you so I used a picture of my camera instead.

I spent an hour with the high school Senior and took 140 pictures in three different outfits. It was a close friend so I didn't charge her. But looking around at different websites, I figured I could have charged quite a bundle! Who knows, maybe I'll be a rich and famous photographer some day??? It's nice to dream.


Theresa said...

We purchased a Nikon DSLR camera last fall. It is SO much fun to take pictures! We started a little photo blog, not that we are really good, but we are proud of some of them and are determined to get better :)

~she~ said...

I've browsed your photo blog. You're quite good! One thing I've learned is the benefit of shooting in RAW mode. You must then edit your pictures or they will look bland, but I found it makes quite a difference!