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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Big Sis turned 6 yesterday. We had a few of her friends over for a Littlest Pet Shop party. We had "pet adoptions", a piñata that wouldn't break, and my first fondant cake. I was pretty pleased with the outcome of my first attempt. It's definitely something I will try again. There is nothing sweeter than seeing a slew of precious little girls all running around together. We made priceless memories.


Theresa said...

Pet adoptions sounds really cute! How did you do that?

~she~ said...

I found packages of 2 Littlest Pet Shop toys for $5.00 at Target. I bought small, pink wedding favor boxes and put a pet in each one. Then I printed up small adoption certificates stating the type of animal and leaving a space for the "mother's" name and pet's name. The girls decorated their favor boxes with LPS stickers and markers. Then I took each girl's picture with her new pet. I thought it might be a bit boring but it was the highlight of the party!