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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lost & Found

It is a happy day in our home today. Puppy has been found! Puppy is a gift my oldest son bought for Baby Girl when she was born. It became her most favorite thing, her security blanket. Well, Puppy has been missing for quite some time. I even blogged about it once. As I was cleaning Baby Girl's room today, I was arranging the over-sized stuffed animals and dolls that "friends" thought were so cute that they MUST buy them for my children. Underneath Giant Minnie Mouse was the poor, crumpled Puppy. It was so sweet to see Baby Girl's reaction at the reunion to her long, lost friend. She looked the animal over closely and quietly, almost reverently, breathed her name - Puppy. Now she's carrying the pink stuffed animal around the house, calling her name over and over. "Puppy, Puppy, Puppy!" I hate to break it to her that Puppy is quite filthy and is in need of a laundry bath. Maybe I'll wait until they've become better reacquainted.

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