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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lovin' Shutterfly!

I just ordered my fourth digital scrapbook from shutterfly.com! I think I am addicted to this website! I made a book once from Snapfish that couldn't compare to my Shutterfly books. I won't use that website ever again.

The first book I made was to commemorate an awesome day trip we took as a family. It was small and had a cardboard cover but I still loved it. So I started making hard cover books to document my memories. I decided to make one every summer because we usually do so many fun things. Also, all my kids' birthdays are in the summer. I also made one of Baby Girl's first year instead of a flimsy scrapbook like her siblings have (which are falling apart). My next project is to make one book that spans several Christmases. I love this activity because there is NO MESS! This is definitely my niche!


Lena! said...

I LOVE Shutterfly digital scrapbooks!

Theresa said...

I used to scrapbook, but I hated the mess and ruined pictures when I cut them a fraction of an inch off or something. Not to mention my back ached and it was hard to stop in the middle and pick up where you left off...I made a photo book from snapfish last year and was not that happy with it...but am now working on one from shutterfly :) I used to do a Year in Review scrapbook every year, now I changed it to a Year in Review photo book :) I am thinking I will order it BEFORE Christmas and give it to my family as a Christmas gift...then include this Christmas in next Christmas's book :)

~she~ said...

What a wonderful gift, Theresa! How funny that we agree that Shutterfly blows away Snapfish! For the cost of a nice dinner, it's worth it to make one a couple times a year! Good luck on your current book!

Anonymous said...

Hi - shutterfly here. Was interested in your post when I saw the shutterfly mention through my google alerts - could you send me an email at sleung@shutterfly.com? Cheers!