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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend Fun

I know it's Tuesday but we had a very fun weekend this past week! We had a couple different events which were outside. I love outdoors in the summer but can't stand mosquito bites! They are drawn to me for some reason. I have two bites it very bad places: one on my face and one on my behind. (How is that even possible anyway???) The one on my face just looks like a zit but the one on my posterior is quite embarrassing in public!

This is a picture of something I find to be a summer necessity! It's Benadryl itch stopping gel. I really think it works well! This is actually our second bottle. It's not great for sunburn, in my opinion, but it works amazingly well on those pesky, itchy bug bites! If you hate mosquitoes as much as me, this might be a product you would find helpful. Happy summer!

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