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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

School Shopping

The big day is soon approaching...the day of new shoes that still smell like the store, clean backpacks that still hold that boxy shape, and meticulously pressed clothes with no pizza sauce stains or ink pen marks. I love the weeks prior to the first day of school and I love shopping for all the new stuff!

We had some good luck this week with school shopping. The boys got several new shirts from Gap for $5. I just love a good deal! Yesterday we got Old Navy jeans for $10! I only buy jeans once a year and I buy enough to last. The little girl needs clothes like she needs a hole in her head. We are very thankful to have hand-me-downs from some pretty snazzy dressers! But she got a backpack ($9 at Old Navy), a lunch box ($5 at Old Navy), and the most adorable pink sparkly shoes. All that's left is to hit the Nike outlet for gym shoes.

They will be back in school before I know it and the house will be quiet again! Well, not exactly quiet. I still have Baby Girl home for a few more years. Maybe it will be quiet here in 2025!

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