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Friday, August 13, 2010

Pathetic Parenting

I've recently discovered a fantastic new talent that I posses. I am great at criticizing other parents! Isn't that a wonderful skill to have? Yes, I am being sarcastic right now but I honestly look at so many parents and wonder What are they thinking??? So I am thrilled to introduce a new blog segment called "Pathetic Parenting." Who knows, maybe you'll get a laugh or two.

One of my many pet peeves is Facebook. Yes, I am an avid reader of FB but only an occasional poster. I am worn out reading about everyone's mundane daily life. Yes, you have a headache. It's a part of life. Why are you telling this to all 456 of your "friends?" Even though I enjoy keeping up with high school friends, college buddies, and family from out of state, I have learned far too much about some people through Facebook.

A "friend" of mine recently posted her Senior pictures. They were very nicely done. But several shots featured not only the high school Senior, but her boyfriend too. Dumb! Why would you allow your daughter's boyfriend to pose in her Senior pictures with her? And guess what? A month later, they've broken up. Surprise, surprise. She's 17. Did you think this was going to be a forever romance? Now you get to look at that dude's pictures in your daughter's portfolio for many years to come.

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