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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

+ & -

+ Big Sis requested a Tea Party for her birthday a week from Saturday. I am planning hats, gloves, tea cups, and finger sandwiches on a lace tablecloth. I love my boys, believe me. But there's nothing quite like planning a little girl's birthday party.

- No one can take a descent picture of me.  We had a fabulous weekend, did all kinds of things.  Several pictures were taken of me, all of them horrid.  I am the photographer in the family and it seems like no one else can use a camera.

+ Baby Girl's new outfit from Target - it makes me smile.

- Getting the car serviced, which interferes with grocery shopping, which means no food in the house.

+ No food in the house = I don't have to cook tonight.

- Hubby isn't feeling well. He hasn't been sick in so long but I hate seeing him like this. He is going to urgent care after work.

+ My house is clean. That is a miracle in itself.

- Mt. Laundry. You all know exactly what I mean.

+ Summer. What more can I say? I love it!

- My hair has been falling out.  A lot.  Pretty much ever since Baby Girl was born.  I started taking prenatal vitamins again to see if it would help.  There might be a very slight difference.

+The vitamins are making my nails look so fabulous, darling!  They would look awesome with a manicure!

- This is The Last Diet Coke.  I don't usually buy it in bottles like this but there was a sale.  Now I'm addicted to Diet Coke in bottles.

+ My new Bath & Body Works Peach Bellini hand soap.  The sales lady talked me into it and she was right!  It's delish!

- Summer is so fun and exciting that my kids aren't getting enough sleep.  Son #2 has been grouchy since Saturday.

+ The commenting challenge I'm participating in right now.  I've been struggling to find new, interesting blogs to read.  Search no more!  There's over a hundred of them at my fingertips now!  I have really enjoyed browsing and following new and different blogs.  I need to update my blog roll!

- The burn on my arm still hurts, thanks to the S'Mores cupcakes I made Monday.

+ Last night, we booked the airfare for our trip in September!  We are taking the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Fransisco and flying back home!  I cannot wait to see the scenery and experience the western part of this country.  I've never been to California and feel like I'm going to die of excitement before it actually gets here!

What are the pluses and minuses of your day so far?


Mimsie said...

"No food in the house = I don't have to cook tonight." Does that translate to a trip to Chipotle? Hope your hubby feels better soon!

Katie said...

Your trip sounds AWESOME! How cool!!

Stopping by from Jenna's Journey!

k said...

Thumbs down to sick husbands! I hope he feels better soon.

~she~ said...

Wow, Mimsie...you know me far to well!

Thanks, k!

Kristy said...

I love the +/- idea! I feel the same about Mt Laundry and the kids not sleeping... :/

Paula said...

A Tea Party birthday sounds too cute! I bet it will be so much! I burnt my arm cooking the other day too, it doens't hurt, but it looks horrible and itches like crazy! Oh and the strawberries are just white chocolate and blue sugar, so easy!

The Carters said...

I too love Diet Cokes in the bottle!! And I've been to San Fran once - it's beautiful out there :)

Melody Forest McKee said...

My hair fell out A LOT for about the first 9 months after I had Harper. I thought for sure something was wrong with me. Well, my husband probably still thinks so. :) Kidding. I think I may borrow your "+/-" idea for my next post!

Kat said...

umm my hair has been falling out like CRAZY starting 3 months after Peanut was born. I was kinda hoping it'd stop....and I'm taking my prenatals every singe day!