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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Break

Things heard around our house so far this summer break:

The Kids:
"I'm booored."
"It's too hot out."
"I'm hungry."
"I want grilled cheese for lunch.", "I want pizza.", "I want noodles.", "I want chicken nuggets."
"There's nothing to do."
"Mom, get the baby out of my room!"
"He took my iPod!"
"Can we go to Chipotle for lunch?"
"The baby is getting another popsicle!"
"Where are my shoes?"
(Regarding a messy room) "None of that stuff is mine."

"Clean your room."
"Put your dishes in the dishwasher."
"Do your chore."
"Stop fighting!"
"Push in your chair."
"Put your shoes away."
"Quit screaming."
"Clean up the yard."
"Go outside, you're driving me crazy!"
"Who will take the baby outside to play?"
"No more popsicles."
"Shut the refrigerator."
"I am not making four different things for lunch!  You'll have to agree on something."
"It's almost 10:00, get up!"
"Get along!"

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imagesisee.blogspot.com said...

So funny. I know exactly what you're going through. I never had 4 young children around at one time, but with 5 kids, a messy husband, and various animals, I probably had much the same script as you.

I don't have any advice except to say that even though the tunnel is very long, there is a light at the end of it. Those faces are just too adorable...