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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Up on the Housetop

We're getting a new roof put on the house today.  I was awoken at 7:45 AM by the sound of someone walking over my head.  Son #2 jumped up and sprinted down the stairs before I could even open my eyes.  Back upstairs, he burst into my room exclaiming, "They're here!" in a loud whisper.  I managed to pull myself out of bed and get dressed before any of the roofers could see how I really look in the morning.

The baby immediately woke up and has been grouchy ever since.  The kids are stuck inside because I'm too nervous to let them out.  There have been things flying past my windows all morning.  AND the satellite dish has been disconnected so the kids can only watch whatever we have on the DVR.  I feel like a prisoner in my own home, even though I don't really have anywhere I need to go.  I guess I feel imprisoned because the kids are trapped in the house!

Heavy dropcloths cover my landscaping, smashing it into plant pancakes.  I'm scared to see how it will recover.  My kids keep looking out their bedroom windows and saying, "Hola," to the workers.  The photos I took are from the inside because I'm too scared to go out too.  Instead of "raindrops," I could sing "Shingles keep falling on my head..."

So that's my day.  What's going on in your neck of the woods?

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k said...

We had the trim on our house painted a few years ago and they took the outside screen part of the windows off. In July. Before we had central air. I was too afraid to open the windows lest a squirrel or bird come in, so I TOTALLY felt trapped in a stuffy house.

I did not like it.

(P.S. Poor plants.)