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Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Wook at me, Mom!"

Dancing with a jump rope
Baby Girl has become quite the show-off lately.  Any time I try to concentrate on anything, from eating, to blogging, to cooking, I hear, "Wook at me, Mom!"  I look over to see her do some sort of trick.  Just a moment ago, she was standing in the doorway, legs apart, with her feet touching each side of the door frame.  I simply could not be more proud.

My mom has a little play house for the kids.  Baby Girl isn't content to simply play in the house.  She prefers to climb on top of it.  "Wook at me, Mom!"  Big Sis has actually started to get a little jealous, I think.  She copied her baby sister and climbed on top of the house with  her.  Instead, she was scolded and told to get down.  She's not as monkey-like as the Baby and will probably fall off and break a bone.  (I can make fun because she rightly earned her clumsiness from yours truly.)

It would be so much easier to throw an uncaring glance her way while mustering a quick, "Good job," every time she asks me to wook at her.  But I know she won't be showing off for me forever.  I would be thrilled for Son #1 to do a trick to try to impress me.  But impressing your mom isn't at the top of a 12-year old's list.  So I need to savor every moment, enjoy every dance, and wook at her as much as I can.


Kat said...

awwww I can't wait for the "loook at me" :) I try to savor every little thing with Peanut too because I know that she won't want to hold me or hug me or let me rock her when she's older.

chris said...

well said. she'll be grown before you know it!