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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Coming out of the Closet

We're in the midst of closet renovations.  Sadly, it's not my closet that's getting a facelift.  We have a lovely walk-in closet in our room (not the kind you see in model homes, but not too shabby for a 1960-something house).  When we were first married, I took the long side of the closet and gave Hubby the short bar.  That didn't last too long.  I wised up and kicked that boy out many years ago.  He moved to the closet in a spare room and got kicked out when Kid #2 arrived.  He moved to the last spare room and got kicked out again for #3.  Now, he hangs all polo shirts and jeans in the hall closet.  It's a pretty spacious closet, but must be shared with our bathroom towels, linens, and cleaning products.  Yeah, he got the shaft.  I do feel slightly bad as I stand inside my closet, trying to decide which of my many pairs of high heels to wear.

Because of my guilt, I decided that we needed to makeover his closet.  We had $200 in gift cards to Home Depot, so I said I would try to stay around that amount.  I only slightly went over and we purchased a handsome looking closet kit.  (Dear God, please let it fit!  Why was the woman of the family the one who was trusted to measure and design the closet???)

I didn't take any true "Before" pics, but it looked something along these lines:

Well, maybe not quite that bad.  (We keep the tennis racquet in the garage.)
Here is the cell phone shot of the closet in it's current state:
Here is what I hope it looks like afterward:
A person can dream, can't they?  This is actually the kit I bought, minus the left half and the drawers.  Also, I'm sure his clothes will be much more crammed inside on unmatched wire and plastic hangers. 
This morning, I took all the clothes out, swept the floor and scrubbed the walls.  I took down the hanging bar and the top shelf.  Now, I'm trying to get up the nerve to pry off the wood 2x4s with a crow bar.  Wish me luck!  (And no ER visit!)

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