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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Weekend

We had a great weekend!  We met up with  some out-of-state friends and stayed in a hotel.  We swam in a pool with at least 547 other people, who were also taking advantage of a Groupon deal.  The husband half of the couple decided to pull me into the pool, even though I really did not want to get my hair wet.  It resulted in a partially thrown out back, a huge and very painful bruise on my shin, and quite a few scratches from my foot to my lower shin.  And yes, my hair got wet.  I tried all weekend to get him back, but never succeeded.

We ate at Mellow Mushroom, which I highly recommend!  Everything I tasted was incredible!  I really wish we had one around here.

We shopped at a fabulous mall and thoroughly enjoyed H&M (something else we don't have here). 

I enjoyed a piece of Godiva cheesecake, since our nearest Cheesecake Factory is an hour away.  It was worth the 20 minutes we stood in line at the takeout counter.

We laughed and laughed so hard, I had a hard time catching my breath at some points. 

I love little getaway trips like that!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend and I looove the Cheesecake Factory! :)

Mimsie said...

What a fun winter getaway! Hope your leg is better soon.