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Monday, February 4, 2013

Ups & Downs

It is oh-so-snowy here and I'm glad I don't have to venture out of this warm, toasty house tonight!  It's my first night off in too long.  A while back, I said this wasn't my busy time of year.  I forgot to knock on wood.  Wowzers...life got super busy!  We didn't have one photo booth this month, which made me happy.  Instead, I got 5 bookings for future events!   That makes me smile.  :)

Last Monday, I picked up the kids from school, had a few minutes to kill, and went to the dentist.  We were there for-EVER, which made me 15 minutes late to my youth group meeting.  Luckily, I have the world's best helper and she got things started for me.  Tuesday was much of the same.  School, philharmonic, choir practice.  Wednesday was school, a bit of a break, and church with a pre-activity.  Half the week, we didn't get dinner before 8:30 PM.  The nights all concluded with a steaming bubble bath for me and bed.  Saturday was even more packed.  I'm a little scared to see what my busy time is going to be like!

I got grumpy at the grocery store today.  I was a bit late getting there, which pushed us into the lunch hour.  I waited forever at the deli for the woman who had to have a bit of everything that wasn't already sliced.  I finally finished shopping and headed to the checkout.  Mondays must be shelf stocking day because there are always carts in the middle of the aisles that are loaded with boxes.  As I was passing the freezer section, there was a cart right in the middle of the aisle.  I eyeballed it and determined I could squeeze through.  Um, wrong.  While keeping my eye on the cart, I failed to notice the flimsy cardboard display of aluminum pizza pans hiding behind the freezer.  I crashed right into it, sending about 40 pizza pans rolling through the store.  I didn't even look around.  Eyes went immediately to the floor, looking for a hole to open up and swallow me.  The worker who was unloading the cart came to my rescue, assuring me it was no big deal.  I was mortified, but glad Hubby wasn't there to make fun of me.  A male worker told me to stop picking them up and that it wasn't my fault.  He said it happens all the time, which I doubt, but it made me feel better anyway.

After that, I cowered to the checkout line.  I happened upon a very friendly cashier, which was great.  However, there was a grouchy, smelly man who got in line right behind me.  He started putting his groceries on the belt before I started putting mine on.  Of course, the belt kept moving, which crammed his stuff into mine.  I looked at him and pushed his stuff backwards, thinking he'd get the hint.  Nope.  I was left with about 10 inches of space for a cart full of groceries while 2 feet of belt was empty behind his stuff.  4 times I ended up pushing his stuff back, eventually knocking it over.  He never seemed to notice, so I determined to take my sweet, old time redeeming my coupons with the cashier. 

After that, Baby Girl insisted she had to go to the bathroom "real bad" as she held her crotch and did the potty dance.  She informed me, "It's gonna be a long time.  I hafta poop."  Lovely.  I waited while she sang on the germ infested toilet for well over 5 minutes.  Finally, I told her she'd have to finish at home.  I was starving and it was already nap time.

When I reached my my road, the creepy homeless guy who lives in our town was walking smack dab in the middle of the street.  He's taken to walking down our street multiple times a day and he always looks up at the house.  It makes me quite nervous.  I have no idea where he dwells, but it must not be far from us.  I nearly hit him when he refused to move.  He obviously didn't know my post supermarket mood.

My crazy, steep driveway was covered with snow and I knew my Mom Van wouldn't make it up.  I gunned it, hit it wrong, and heard a big crash under the van.  I don't know if I flattened the tire or what, but I'm scared to look.  I told Hubby about it and I assume he's very excited to check it out when he gets home from a long day's work.

The best news is that my new wedding band came in Saturday!  It looks ever so lovely and I really enjoy flaunting it around, seeing if I can get people to notice the shiny bling!  It's kinda hard to stop thinking about it!  Boy, my Hubby is one great man!  It's great to feel married again now that I'm not just sporting an engagement ring!  That's the happy ending to the story...

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