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Friday, February 1, 2013

My Second Home

Us, a couple Halloweens ago
In case you don't know me, I'm a Chipotle addict.  We almost always eat there twice or more a week.  The food is always top quality, and the prices are quite reasonable.  My family can get away with eating there cheaper than any other restaurant.

Since we go there so often, we've gotten to know many of the the employees.  At first, we gave them all made-up names.  There was Sally.  He was a 6', 250 lb. effeminate man.  One of the first times we talked to him, he exclaimed in a very colorful manner, "Well, slap me silly and call me Sally!"  So we did.

Then there was Sarah Silverman.  No, not the real Sarah Silverman, but they were twins.

Another worker was affectionately named Dude, what ARE you?  We never did determine the actual gender of this person.  Hubby also liked to call "it" The Freak.  I didn't think that was too nice.

Now that some of the workers have stuck around longer, we're learning their real names.  There's Rachel behind the counter.  The manager is Katie and our new favorite is Sam.  They hang out and chat with us when we sit by the kitchen. 

Last visit, they charged Hubby $12 for our entire family.  He immediately corrected them, but they replied that they wanted to take care of us.  Another reason I like to eat at Chipotle...

I think they should sponsor my blog.  What do you think???

The Halloween we dressed up as processed food
(I'm French Fries)


Mimsie said...

Love this!

The Lovely One said...

They should definitely sponsor you... then you could have Chipotle giveaways every week (that I would hopefully win!).