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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Happenings

My house is SO messy, I don't even know where to start.  Worse than that, I have a title agent coming over tonight at 7.  It doesn't matter that walking anywhere in my house is difficult without tripping over something.  It also doesn't matter that I already confirmed to attending a Scentsy party.  Hubby has been trying to close on some apartments he bought for months now, so delaying it would be insanity.


Yesterday, I mustered up quite a bit of confidence and assembled the shelf for Hubby's new closet!  I was so incredibly proud of myself and I now know what a cam lock is.  Do you???  The directions said STOP, so I did.  I have to get my dad to help me install the shelves in the closet.  That's way beyond my ability.  Plus, each half weighs about 50 lbs., so they will sit in my living room until someone else can move them.  The title agent may have to step over them tonight.


Hubby has been afflicted with a horrid cold (which is why he's been no help with the closet project).  He woke up in the middle of the night, apparently in a NyQuil stupor, and almost fell down.  (And no, it wasn't because everything from his closet is in piles all over my room.  He hadn't made it to a pile yet.)  Also,  he kept saying, "Two, two."  I think someone took too much of the stinky green stuff.


The guy who works for Hubby decided to take the day off yesterday.  He didn't ask permission or even inform him of his plans.  When Hubby realized he hadn't heard from him at all, he finally called him.  The guy was at the library with his kid because he didn't have any work.  Nice.  Hubby blew up and told him he was sick as a dog and sure could have used some help.  This guy wants to take days off a couple times a month and still get paid for it.  Hubby almost fired him, but I talked him down.  I told him we needed to rewrite the business agreement ASAP.  I felt bad for the poor, sick guy.


Son #1 forgot parts of his project that he was supposed to work on at school today.  He texted me and said he needed it.  I asked which period and he answered first.  "Sorry," I replied, "There's nothing I can do."  Baby Girl was still sleeping and Big Sis doesn't leave for school until 8:30.  "But class ends at 8:48," he answered back.  I told him there was no way I could take her to school and drive almost 10 minutes to the school.  By the time he got to the office to get the supplies, he would have maybe 3 minutes left of the period.  Sorry, bud.  You've gotta learn your lesson sooner or later.  Yesterday, he got in trouble with his band teacher for forgetting his tuba.  "How could you forget a TUBA?" she said.  "It's huge!"  I agree with her.  I'm a tough-love kind of mom.  It's not always easy, but I think it's for the best. 


Enough stalling for now. I've got some major housework to tackle! Pandora radio should help me get through...


Anonymous said...

Your post made me smile. :) I went through the same things with my kids and responded very much like you did. For my son, it was the trombone! How the heck do you forget a trombone?? Tuff love works. Kids learn. :) I hope the hubs is feeling better and I hope you'll take pics when the shelves are up. :)

Linda said...

I love organization, so I'm impressed that you're organizing the closet. I always breath a sign of relief when I complete a project like that.

And I agree with your response to your son. It IS hard to let them learn those lessons, but it's soooo worth it.